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have you ever felt so happy one minute ?? then when u think everything is heavenly you learn the hard way nothing and no one is how it seems. well its ture all that glitters aint gold lol,  nothing is what it seems anymore when faith and honor once ment something is dead and gone. so as the hours of our lives pass we end up learning more . some are let downs and some are perks but no matter what anyone says........ DNT BELEIVE IT WHEN THEY SAY ITS OK

Slowly walking from his home in the shadows,

His heart a stone black and cold,

the once warm gaze in his eyes now a demonic blaze,

So as he spreads his arms wide his roar filled with hate,

so as the sun turns black his soul lets go,

always remembering the pain he faced,

for everr tortured by the fact he will never be loved.




As the winter wind hollows outside,

we always remeber where our hearts reside,

So as the lights in our eyes dim,

all the chances we had was slim,

Lifting our heads we know whats to come,

Time  has come to where we know when to run,

The time where our hearts break and our souls fade,

So ow you know why i have to walk away.


from the darkness he shall walk,

his blade held with a steady hand,

His mouth covered so you never hear him talk,

Walking with deaths intent throughout the land,

with beastle rage he attacks his foe,

every muscle hard as if made of stone,

forever  alone in this dance with death,

he stands now upon the thresh hold of day,

feeling cold and wanting his lover the nights deathly sway.

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