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Its a moonlit night a stary sky. a perfect time for you to be by my side hold me tight. please dont leave my sight. you are my strength. when im scared you are what makes me smile when no one's there. when im with you im never afraid. the rest of the world disappears in every way My final goodbye Tears build up Please don’t let them fall Last time I heard your voice Was the last time you called. Now I’m sitting In this damn bench Wishing for a little more time It’s to early for goodbye You were the love of my life You never knew What I felt inside was true. Now its time Time for my final goodbye All eyes are on me Everyone is watching me I’m the first to see You resting so peacefully My sorrow gets the best of me. Now on my knees The first tear falls Finally I give in Bawling, wishing for one more time To say goodbye. Wanting one more time To look in your eyes. Pleading, please get up This isn’t right. I was supposed to be The first to say goodbye You did nothing wrong Now I sit here crying. Wishing it wasn’t goodbye But cya another time. This isn’t right You were to young, To die for my best friend best friends that is what we are friends till the end is what we will always be. the best day was when i met you and now that day will never end. there will always be a piece of you here with me. no matter how far apart we will always be in each others memories. the same we are you and me we make each other laugh constantly. for once i'm alive inside all because you believed in me you and me best friends, till the end is what we will always be MEANING One day You lose The one thing That means Everything to you. You go on Day to day Till that one day When you have to remember What they took From you “things happen” Some say Until that fateful day When their plan Plows up in their face The one thing They least expected happened On one day They lost one of their own To the bullying Of their peers She was once One of them Till depression took in She took one thing away From her family That everyone thought Needed to stay Told her friends That tomorrow will come Even if she couldn’t make it today Some called her crazy For doing something To people she loved I guess they don’t realize That they could be the one To push her that far To hurt the important ones Who were there for her no matter What happened On this one day Everyone regrets What they did To her that drove her this far This day is filled with sorrow From the family Of this beloved one Her friends think What could they have done to stop her The place that let them Treat her like they did Now wants people to forgive Some come to see her In this time of sorrow The y tell her family That they are sorry Her family doesn’t know Why she did what she did The peers she worried about So much before Don’t make a difference any more They all know What made her Decide to leave Their bullying Dug into deep They wish they could take back What they did before But its to late She’s here no more CAN YOU You all look at me See the hurt and pain The abuse that took place You sealed my fate Who cared about What’s her face You don’t need To worry no more My face turned pale Eyes shut tight My box will be Lifted tonight Your only memory of me Is my name Now carved in stone Under here I’m laid to rest Now it’s your turn To take the test Can you look at me See the hurt and pain All the abuse that took place See my face turned pale Eyes shut tight Waiting for the blow To end my life You cant Can you CLEAR MY MIND Sit here and look at the sky To clear my mind But to many clouds Have covered my eyes All I see Is your face Staring back at me Killing my faith I try to understand Why you hurt me like you do Won’t leave me alone You are even In my dreams You haunt me Till the day I die You never realized The pain I have inside I try to escape I hide behind These green drapes When you find me I will lay in this field To take the pain That you will make sure Someone will have made Until then I will Sit here and look at the sky To clear my mind To remove these clouds That cover my eyes FEELING INSIDE You don’t know How I feel. Sometimes I cant Believe its real. How can his Love be true. Got a feeling Inside. I cant find. Not sure how To describe, exactly What I feel inside. A love of everyone’s Dreams. A fear That would bring Anyone to their Knees. A wait Worth wild. A desire to be in His embrace, every second Of everyday. The day has come. He gets down On one knees, And asks you “will You marry me?” This is where it Begins or ends Its time for you to Decide. Do you let him Join you on this final Ride, or kill him From the inside. You don’t know How I feel. Sometimes I cant Believe its real. tell me what you think
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