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created on 12/29/2007  |  http://fubar.com/poems/b172879
Everyday I look in the mirror Everyday I'm a little less there Everytime I look in the mirror Everytime it's a little more clear Everyday I look in the mirror little by little I disappear
Love is dead Like a black rose in my heart Little jabs of pain that grow Until my heart finally stops


Arms that once held me in security now are empty Lips that once kissed me in passion now are cold Eyes the once gazed upon me in love now are turned away Hands that onc touched me in tenderness now are gone I am left alone with a heart now hollow now broken now gone
Falling apart my heart, broken, shattered Falling apart my tears hit the ground upon the pieces of my broken heart I try to gather tem together, the pieces no longer fit The rest of me crumbles in a pool of blood and tears Fallen by the heart
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8 years ago
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