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created on 12/29/2007  |  http://fubar.com/poems/b172879
you once held me in the warmth of your voice.. early morning talks that made me happy.. that made me feel special, cared for.. now I sit lost in the cold silence of 4am.. when tears threaten and my heart aches.. wondering why I am still alone.
As I look at the horizon.. I see the knight turn his steed toward me.. he begins to decend the hill.. my heart leaps with joy.. I run to meet him.. I see him urge his steed faster.. I see the horse strain to keep up with his master's wish.. I slow as we get closer.. he brings the stallion to a halt before me.. he dismounts, removes his helmet... I touch his face and kiss him... no mirage... simply my twisted knight..
My life has had many empty liasons... lust unfulfilling.. no caring.. no real intimacy.. but no one willing to rescue me.. I look to the horizon.. upon the hill, atop a noble steed.. sits a knight looking down at me.. his armor gleems brightly.. But will he rescue me? Is he even there? Or simply a mirage? created by my wounded heart?
A shattered heart still conducts pain along it's sharp and jagged edges A shattered heart still swells with breath and each breath ends in pain A shattered heart does not kill me, though sometimes I wish it would
My heart is hardening Turning to stone Feelings love Turning to despair My heart is cold
My heart is a delicate sculpture Carefully crafted and intricately shaped I, the artist, putting on the finishing touch I slipped Now it lies in ruin Broken
As fall comes and withers the spring flowers So fall has come to my heart to wither the flower of hope there
As the crevase in my breaking heart begins to widen The pain is almost too much to bear The pain had dulled, perhaps mending I thought Only to burst forth again in pain As my hope slowy, painfully withers and dies
Brick by brick I isolate myself to protect myself from hurt To shield myself from heartache My tears are my company Hot when I shed them now have grown cold Seemingly all I will have as I grow old


Once here, then gone Once solid,then vapor Trust, Love, Life Once so real, then a dream, Over
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