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created on 11/23/2007  |  http://fubar.com/poems/b158517


Time is playing music And I never really cared enough To notice times sweet melody Until it was to late To fix any of my mistakes Time is like our memories And just like our memories Time will surely fade away Like the passing of the days Or the passing of the stars as they all fly by The times we both had shared are gone All thats left is the sweet memories that I house within But even those memories which I treasure so dearly with all of my heart Will eventually fade away like the sands of time And seem like nothing more then a dream As real as time truly is So are our dreams And as long as I have my dreams As well as all of my memories Youll always be here with me
The hunger tears inside of your mind Destroying you inch by inch Eating on the pieces that were once self-controle and self-esteem it bites you again and again Till the once so proud soul crumbles and falls Only then and only then will it stop the horror it creates It will then be too late for regrets Your mind has gone numb With a numb mind you are falling through eternal times A final faked smile A final soft touch A final faked kiss With the help of hunger you will reach the final destination The cliffs are nearing you Closer and closer they move towards you A final throught of joy Of all the days long past With closed eyes you meet the world below Lost Only thena dn only then will it stop the horror it creates Destroying you inch by inch The hunger tears inside of your mind Till your mind has gone numb And you are lost forever in the world below
The skies are turning black As daylight fades away Then the moonlight comes into play I take a step outside As I ask myself why I feel the way that I do Everything it seems is falling apart My family I love so much Left without a word Along with the one I love above everone else And my blackbox of a past Has begun to slowly open Memories I never even knew I had Begin to haunt me in my dreams im taking a walk now In the hopes of clearing my mind But my mind cant help but to ponder and wonder A flash goes by And a gunshot goes off in my mind My father is standing still A devilish smile upon his face I know this isnt happening now But I know it did in my past These memories that I endure daily Are begining to take their toll Im feeling a continuious nothingless Depression has taken its hold And I dont want it to go on any longer These memories of mine I hate waking up everyday Sweating adn screaming Seeing the bruses on my body That my father left on me In my darkest of dreams
As the angels cry and bleed Falling from the heavens abouve Hearts so sweet, innocent and pure ust like the white silk of the bandages That we use to dress our dying soldiers These are truly the darkest of times That we are living in When you cant even trust all those who are closest to you They all just keep on stabing you in the back with their reddend blades Everywhere you look, its the same old thing The angel of chaos has corrupted all of humanity And everyone in her wake becomes consumed with power and greed Soon there is only death and destruction For as far as the eye can see And the bodies that lay across the land Are greater then the sands of the beach's in which our oceans crash upon The angel of chaos, with her wings so black Like the dying night in which we all slumber Her blue eyes as pale as the glow of a full moon Flicker in the darkness for all to see There is nothing that we can do to undo the horror that she has created The only thing that she ever wanted was to set free The darkness that lays buried, dormant inside of all our cold dead hearts The only thing that can ever bring her happiness Is this worlds utter distruction I pray that her wish may never come to pass Because as long as we are still alive We can fight her will and pray for the light That shines so brightly at times in all of our hearts To thwart her plans for this world that we all live in and share So stand up united as one and raise your fists because now is the time that we must fight for the tomarrow that must come
The cold air grows thick with a stench of rotting decaying flesh What have they done? I ask the darkened midnight sky As I step over the disembodied head that lays before me Today was my first day on the job and I was hoping it would go smothly A few speeders and drug busts was what I had expected But that wasnt so, I was to find out how wrong I truly was I had gotten a call from a young girl named Jill And she told me of the scene in which she and her friend Jack had found Such a bloody disturbing mess she had described to me So I came over as quickly as I could, making good time If Id have to guess at how quickly it took for me to show up there Id say it was only a matter of minutes No more then ten Im sure So here I am on this dark and gloomy night The pale glow of a full moon lays its gaze upon me Along with the stares of the nighttime creatures The scene in which I am seeing before me horrifys me ever so All of the blood and gore from the bodies And how mudilated they all are, chills me to the very core There must have been five or so murders here I think So much blood, so much death I cant help but to wonder why it is someone would do such a thing The wind whistles through the trees uneasily Swaying their branches back and forth ever so gently The crunch and snap of leaves and twigs can be heard Someone or something I know is behind me With my gun raised, I make a quick turn Only to find the chilling stillness that clings to the air Like the stench of all this rotting decay that lays all around I call out for the person or persons that I know are there, hiding in the shadows Although I may not be able to see them I know that they are there, hiding in the shadows, the stillness of night So I call out again as I take a step forward Not knowing what lays before me or what will happen next When sudenly out of the blue, a pair of hands grasps my throat Squeezing tightly, all I can do is drop my gun in fear As the smooth hands of the person behind me tighten their grasp around my throat And the nails that are as sharp as steel That would be able to cut through my neck like a warm knife through butter start to dig in And small tracks of blood begins to flow "You picked the wrong day Sir, to come to this park at night" A young womans beautiful voice whispers in my ear "I hate party crashers most of all" she goes on to add quietly "I think ill make you pay for your mistake now and become my servant" Startled, I ask "Servant?" my voice quivering slightly "Yes, my very own pet to do with as I wish for as long as I see fit" She says as she quickly lets go of my bleeding throat And grabs my head sharply tilting it to the side It is then that I feel the piercing of the two fangs As they effortlessly cut their way into my already bleeding flesh My body becomes motionless, numb as my eyes close And soon the world around me starts to spin as her laughter echos off the insides of my mind Then slowly but surely everything that I know of this life of mine starts to slip away ever so gently And my world enters complete darkness as I finaly die She lets go of my body and I fall into the muddy redend ground I dont know how long it was, but after awhile I rose again Only this time, I was one of the night It is now that I know my purpose in this life To serve my mistress, the vampire queen And do all that she comands of me Taking my hand and helping me up she says quietly "Now we must get you to feed and gain your strength" Letting go of my hand she points to a tree A young woman is tied and gagged there, not even a twelve feet away from me "Go no child and feed of the blood of life and quench your thirst" I can only nod as I take those few steps to the young woman and happily drain her of her life It was on this night, that I started my life anew ***note*** I wrote this to see how good a story/poem would be. any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks ^_^
Death - Its all I'm ever around Dead - Is all that I'll ever be Death - Is your job and Dead - Is what you'll make me out to be You know it as well as I do That I am dead on the inside A soulless man who cannot cry out tears Who is immune to emotion You've ripped out my bleeding heart And replaced it with all of your pain Because of you, I've lost everything My happiness, my sadness, my fear and guilt Everything that made me me is gone I am now just the hollow shell of a man Who was once as happy as can be Who now cannot do anything without your say If I could, I would wish things to be different So that I may once more Be able to live out my life So that I may once again Be able to cry out loud Tears of sadness and joy Not this stream of ashs that reminds me so Of dried bones disintegrating in the wind But I know that will never happen I know that I will always be Hollow and dead on the inside This and only this is my fate And I should come to accept that fact Hopefully sooner if not later For I will always be The hollow one that you see Who is dead on the inside
Deep inside of my darkening world I pace the wooden floors back and forth There lies my fears There lies my greatest horrors There lies my ever growing insanity My minds eye that is buried deep within Sees what is becoming of me Slowly but surely I am breaking down Slowly but surely I am turning towards the ever growing negative Soon I will forget That I hated all of this I hate all of the dreams I hate all there is to know about me My reality is what unleashed The greatest sickness there is to know The insanity that is within me Is the sickness in me
As the sun is slowly fading away Giving birth to the moon and the stars Their light is so dim That the Earth is covered in darkness Save for the shadows cast upon the walls From the light that seeps in through the looking glass Some may be unafraid; yet, others still are terrified From the shadows that intrude from the outside Coming in through their windows of various shapes and sizes As I sit here looking out of my window i wonder why it is that the night scares people so The night with her infinite beauty Dark, mysterious, enchanting She captivates my mind with her mysteries of the world all around And it is only with her that I belong I could truly care less for the light of day The night is just so much more inviting to me So I put on some shoes and a hoodie as I take a step outside The cool nighttime breeze is a refreshing thing indeed
Deep on the inside A fire burns so bright Like the burning light of a bomb Are your fires of guilt and destruction With every passing second Another soul burns in vain And their screams fall upon deaf ears Yet you alone are left To hear their terrifying dying screams And with every scream that you hear You can feel a piece of your humanity disintegrate Yet you cant help but wonder why It feels so hard to take their souls Back to their rightful home in the spirit realm Its always such a big step to take As another soul crumbles in your hands As another life slowly slips away And you can feel it again The fires that burn deep down inside Along with the heavy burdens Of taking away dead souls to their home You then realize that it cannot be helped For you are the reaper of all mankind
I cry, bleeding away all my sorrows I die, dwelling in darkness My comfort means nothing to me In this repulsive reality How I one day pray to escape But I fade away into the nothingness As I lay down and disarm my faith My endless trek, these trials that murder my every hope To hold on to this life of mine is to inject the pain My heart is now cold And I can no longer feel How I pray to one day escape But I fade away into the nothingness As I lay down and disarm my faith Was it really meant to be this way Am I just designed to suffer A worthless damaged creation The tormented existance Of living day by day Wondering will this breath of mine be my last I fade away into the nothingness
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