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created on 09/30/2007  |  http://fubar.com/poems/b135990

If your happy and you know it sleep with me.... If your happy and you know just sleep with me.. If your happy and you know it and you really wanna show it.. If your happy and you know just fuck me!!!

Death threat Hearken to me, oh people of Earth For I have something to say to thee I have decided, upon pain and distrust To show you in truest form and fashion My displeasure of humanity's vain existence To denounce your selfish wants and desires To remove thy foul corrupt deeds and thoughts Through death and harsh judgement I proceed To eliminate humanity's stench of existence To finally be free of these bindings of vanity Of the selfish, dishonest, disrespectful curse Of humanity.
Eternal Sleep Eternal peace of Death Is what I ask It is what I want, and desire the most To be free of this mortal world forever To be free of this insanity called humanity Pain has become my lover, my partner In life all around me, both in body, and in mind Feeling it tearing and eating my soul Forever gorging itself on my fears.. I scream inside as I smile at the world Pretend nothing is wrong, lying to all A perfect lie of life as I walk down the road My soul crying, in pain as I laugh at a joke Someone end my torment of living hell Take my life from me, and bury this husk Burn and bleed out this body of mine So I can feel nothing and forget this life
The Forsaken I'm trapped in this world Alone and in pain Seeing happiness around me Not having the courage To grab some for myself Its hard to look at myself To see myself sadden by life I look beyond my reflection To see life, world, and love I see what I need, and can't have I am the forsaken I am the lonely I am the one you pity I am in an eternity of sorrow You look at me, deep in self pity You see the pain I wear as skin You wish to help, to pity, to cry You can only stare and wonder You turn and walk away feeling better Death is the only answer For there is nothing To look forward too To encourage life to continue To give me peace and happiness Kill me now Why won't I die Take my life Give me peace
Of Wolf, Of Man I stand in the moonlight Bathing in its power Feeling the rage Feeling the hunger Of the hunt I see the world now In black and white Deep greys, so clear Makes it easy to see you As I hunt I smell your fear Taste the sweet sent My mouth waters My blood boils For this hunt You Run, and I chase Through nature you go Night blinds you You know you'er doomed Cause I hunt I chase you, taking my time Enjoying the thrill of the chase Laughing as you scream Craving you'er fear Love the hunt I leap, full of love You fall, full of hate I tear into you'er soul You pray for you'er life The end is near You fight for you'er freedom I kill for my hunger You'er body knows it's end My body is about to be fed Saticfy the hunt My claws and fangs Tear you'er flesh like paper You feel the pain as I mark you You'er flesh so soft So wet of blood Pleasure of the hunt Mark you'er Flesh From white to scarlet You'er insides become outsides My hunger is fed No more hunt I look at my work My bloody work The night is at an end And now with no more hunger I wait for the next hunt
Love a joke Love, what a joke it can be A farse of humanity To be in love is such a lie A feeling called lust is reality You say you love, but is that true Do you have a clue? What true love is, I think Is just a story told to fool What is love Oppisite of hate The best discription as of yet Is just an insane feeling one gets Look at the Chaos love brings Death, murder, sadness ,failed Empires Does one really want that? Or maybe a nice hobby to keep the mind set Love is not for me Is not for anyone, I think Should you fall in love Run, run away my friend cause it will end all.
Why do you do the things you do? How you treat yourself, and me too. I see you for who you are, so why can't you? You say you don't deserve me, But who are you to say that? You can't see what I see, You are not me. So think long and hard, And remember, I know you and see you for you, and you alone, So come to me, and let me show you, you Through me.
Pain and Death are illusions of the weak mind. Without Death, pain loses its relevance. It is what we do and accomplish in life, That makes us worthy to our children's eye. It is in our children's eye, That we will be remembered forever. It is that remembrance that makes us Immortal. Happiness and Love are in our Hearts to find. Without love, life loses its relevance. It is the feeling of wholeness, That we find in another. It is when two people who love, That they become one and whole It is that Love that will carry them forever. Knowledge and Understand are keys to live. Without understanding, we end up blind It is what we do with the knowledge, That can help us understand each other. It is understanding life and people, That will bring us closer to ourselves. It is with all of this that we become Human.
As the sun rises high into the sky, Its light shines and blinds my eyes, As love blinds our minds, As my Love for you Blinds me of everything, but you. The tears I weep that awash my face, For you I miss, I cry, My tears remind me of the rain that falls, As I look up upon the dark cloudy skys, I think only of you. I lay on my bed, daydreaming of you, And a warmth embraces my body, my soul, As a mother embraces her Child, Let your Love and friendship embrace me, to you I hold. To me, and only me. You are the Sun that keeps me warm, You are the Rain that washes the fear from me, You are the careing Mother that holds me with love, You are the one that compl
I am the Sword the slices through life My blade is long, like my life I lead My blade is sharp, as my mind can be My blade is pointed, like I am direct I rush forward, dealing with life I slice into everything that gets in my way I challenge all that stands before me I am harsh and deadly and will get the job done But I am a sword with no sheath Alone, with no one to hold me To keep me safe and care for me To control me from lashing out Who will be my Partner The one to holds me tight Who will be the one Who fits with me tight
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