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What began so rapidly, now seems to be dying.

The golden winged princess wonders why she's still trying.

He once made her feel awesome, now he doesn't at all.

But we all know, even angels fall.


She's starting to feel like love doesn't exist.

Stuck wishing their connection wasn't all in a twist.

Her, short and petite, and him rather tall.

Yet still, even mini angels fall.


Faced with many options, but refusing to stray.

Hoping her dark angel will speak again one day.

It should be so simple, but instead it's brutal.

Even seemingly beautiful angels fall.


She'd do almost anything to make it all right.

Both parties are exhausted from the fuss and the fight.

Perhaps some holiday magic will restore his enthrall.

If not, even this angel won't recover from this fall.

Amy, Amy

You're such a whore

The things you do, man

they should be outlawed

Mess him up

till he's drained to the core

makes me wonder

what he's staying for


Amy, Amy

You're such a bitch

If you'd kept your legs closed

you wouldn't be in this sitch

He gave you his love

and you treat him like this

All he wanted was for you

to have his kids


Honestly, I can't see why he got hooked on you

It should be  a crime, you doing the things you do

You made such a good pair, but you had to do him wrong

Now he's found another love and it appears to be strong

We've known each other for a long while
I like the way you make me smile
Not sure if I've felt this way before
You make me wanna let you in my door
But you see, it's really not so easy
For me to just let go and be free
Don't wanna feel regret and despair
Should we really take it there?

You tell me to just give in and be free
But my innocence means much more to me
This experience may cause some hurt and pain
And our friendship wouldn't be the same again
But the last thing I need now is pressure
And it's making me less wanna let ya
Never thought we'd ever be discussing this
Should I take it there? Or still resist?

I want more than just one thing
Don't want the ache it may bring
I don't really need the extra push
and it's not like I'm in a rush
This pressure is making me wanna cry
My thoughts are making me wanna die
Not sure if I should just suck it up
and let you take me there

This is killing me inside
Wonder if this feeling will subside
It's not something you decide overnight
I want it to be so right
My feelings are overwhelmingly strong
And I know you'd never do me wrong
But I'm afraid to let my guard down
and allow you to take it there

I seem to think about you a lot
Thoughts appear to be all I've got
Pressuring words feel so strong
Making it feel like innocence is wrong
Temptation is definitely intriguing
Are his intentions deceiving?
If you're not just playing and you actually care
I might just consider letting you take me there
He says she's really cross-eyed
He says she has a horse face
He says her teeth were crooked
He says he can't stand looking at her

She says his eyes are amazing
She says he's very handsome
She says his teeth are perfect
She says she can't help staring at him

He said she needed implants
He said her ass was flat
He said she should stop eating
He said she'd gotten fat

She ponders for a moment
She touched his washboard abs
She looks at herself in the mirror and decides
She has way too many pounds of flab

He says she's unattractive
He wonders why he's even with her
He's cheated from the beginning
He brags about degrading and beating her

She did nothing but praise him
She's been crying every night
She can't escape him by leaving, so
She stabbed herself with a butcher knife

He came home later from his lover's
He called her to come and talk
He got annoyed when he got no answer
He went back out for a walk

She's on the floor in a pool of her own blood
She was too dead to be able to answer
She was supposed to have made his dinner
He returned from his walk and in the kitchen he found her

He was much too shocked
He never thought she'd go that far
He dropped to the floor crying
She was buried the next day with a letter

'Dearest, please forgive me
I know this is too late
I should have never caused you all of this pain
and led you to this irreversible fate
A thousand times I'm sorry
I shouldn't have put anyone above you
I wish you knew you were so beautiful
and that I'd always loved you
My love, my angel in heaven
I never wanted you to die
I had planned to make you my wife
But now all I can say is Goodbye'
Forever and always
For the rest of our life
You'll be my husband
And I'll be your wife
Maybe we'll act crazy
Maybe act wild
Maybe one day
We’ll conceive a child
Love each other unconditionally
Make love morning, noon and night
Never threatening to leave
If we have a huge fight
We must trust each other completely
There’s a lot at stake
Know that if you ever cheat on me
My heart would break
I’ll be your little doll
You can be my boy toy
So answer me this question
Will you marry me, boy?
Tell me you need me
Tell me a lie
Just don't tell me you'll leave me
Cuz then I'll die

Tell me you're in love
Tell me your dreams
I looked up above
Can you hear my screams?

I pleaded for you to stay
I begged you to stop
But you just went away
and it made my heart drop

Guess now there's nothing more
The damage has been done
My loss is her score
So I'm quitting, she's won

So don't tell me you need me
Keep scheming your lies
All you've done is deceive me
This is my final goodbye
Your lips on mine
as our bodies entwine
Feeling so fine
as we pass the time

Lost in this dream
as we start to scream
A sin we can't redeem
crazy, doesn't it seem?

Of his power, I'm amazed
He's so damn sex-crazed
And our friends are unfazed
I'm so lost in a daze

Five nights and five days
a million different ways
on my bed he lays
with my body he plays

He touches me with tender care
as his fingers run through my hair
He reassures me he'll always be there
He gave me the golden chain I wear

He holds me while we sleep
His words touch so deep
My trust he will keep
Cuz he isn't a creep

So cute the way he tries
hands run up and down my thighs
Never, ever tells me lies
He's not like those other guys

So sad when he has to go
He means more than he'll ever know
Together, old we'll grow
with his kisses soft like snow

I can't wait till late at night
when he'll be holding me tight
On occasion have a fight
but we always make up right.

This is written for my love
The one I'd put nothing above
The one who always calls me his dove
The only one I'll think of 
I don't care if you don't like me
I never asked you to
For all I care you can bite me
All the evil things you do
I don't care if you don't need me
I'm doing fine on my own
I don't care if you don't want me
I'm better off alone
You don't care that my heart breaks
You just walk away
You don't care that it aches
Still you turn the other way
I don't care if you don't care
It's hard to care for a ghost
You don't care if I'm not there
Nothing but you matters most
If you're looking for me
Your feelings to unbear
You'll finally see
That I just don't care

Silly little girl of about nineteen

A wannabe Goth/Rock/Glam ‘white’ queen

She’s somehow popular and thinks she can sing

She labeled me typical for my belly ring

Such a hypocrite and considers herself cool

Always putting off her start date for school

Holds on to all of her crushes of the past

She’s so desperately in a hurry to grow up fast

Considers her virginity a burden and a crime

Claims “I need to get laid” all the time

Talks a lot of shit about everyone who’s her friend

Then says, “They’re so cool” and chills with them in the end

She’s self-conscious but still thinks she’s a beautiful sight

Brags that all the guys who check her out are white

Wishes she could party and be exciting and wild

Face and body of a thirty-year old, mentality of a child

She lets guys she barely knows kiss and feel her up

And for telling her one thing, I get deemed the slut?

Not to mention going to the park and giving a guy from school head

I’m sure if she could, she would have taken him to bed

Wants a tattoo on her lower back…of Gir from Invader Zim

So when her future man doggie-styles her, it’ll appear to look up at him

Guess she wants to have some sort of alien-like threesome

A tattoo of that character for this, is a really stupid reason

Little Miss grown, thinks she’s allowed to smoke and drink

She seriously swears that her shit doesn’t stink

She was never really a good friend to anyone, and of course

She really should be knocked off her high horse

While hanging with a friend, she sat and played with dirty street rice

In her opinion I’m evil and her sooo nice

Little Miss open to everything

Has done absolutely nothing

Called a guy every thirty minutes, pushes old friends out of her life

I feel sorry for the poor guy who makes her his wife

There’s a lot more to this that I could tell

But Miss W’s not worth it and she can go to hell!

Hair as black as midnight
Eyes as violet as the sky when it snows
She haunts you in your dreams
She stalks you when you're awake
Violent Beauty walks the path of her fate
Leaving chaos and destruction behind her all around
She stands alone, having slain those close to her
She desires no comrades, people are useless
She is neither human, demon nor a combination of both
Pure Dark Sorceress, and she's true to the title
True evil with a hint of innocence
She does what is necessary to get by
Even if it comes to degrading herself
Conquests never survive to spin tales of her
Silenced by death with a kiss
Violent Beauty is as Violent Beauty does
Causing tragic deaths of the unrelenting fools
If you should ever catch a glimpse
Never stare into her eyes, she'll steal your soul
True to her name
Violent as a thousand wars
Beauty like the colors stretched across the sky
And a field of rare flowers
Beware of the Violent Beauty
She holds your life in her hands
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