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Stonehenge's blog: "Poems of Chaos"

created on 05/22/2009  |  http://fubar.com/poems-of-chaos/b296371


Time slips by with no malice; it only must.

And yet here I sit wishing for better days.

And without love she stares on with no disgust.

I lay her and think of our love last May.

Why ask do I wish for such small things.

You ask a riddle of the ages.

I have searched the world for rings and wings.

And not even Mages,

could bring my happiness from the grave.



In the dark of night I pull back in fright;

for Angels and Demon's battle within my mind.

The dance of death does cause me to take flight;

and yet their beauty does make me stand trasfixed in time.

In the dark of night I run to my mothers breast;

I scream insanity and chaos are dwelling in my soul.

Am I mad my mother dear or would I die perplexed?

She looks down with souless orbs and looks the fool.

In the dark of night I die this morn with Angels and Demons;

they cloak my madness in their wings and carry me.

What awaits me I ask with my Deamon?

Your soul my child will set you free.

I stood and looked upon the field; blood and gore on sword and steel.

How had we come so far: fly from this place child of stars.

I ran as fast as my soul could take; for I could no longer love foresake.

And when the forest was gone; the screams still did haunt.

I screamed, "Mother Gaea do forgive my transactions so; for I feel my soul that way goes." 


Woman of the world did stand on the hearth;

looking out she watched the mob tear her fair hair.

"Why do you do this my people of Antioch?  What have I done to deserve this?  What have I done that you shout for my death.  Did I kill a beggar in the street?  Did I take the cloths from a freezing child? Do not take my life without purpose for I am mother, daughter, child, and lover."

One looked back with eyes of rage and death;

"You loves another" he said shaking his hand in the air.

"I love the fair Tiana, she brings me joy and comfort from the cold of night.  She holds me when I am tired and sick. She takes me to different worlds of Plato and Aristotle.  And yet that is why you kill me?  For loving of a Woman of the World?"

Another of darker rage and retribution with lust in his eyes;

"You disgust us with your foul tongue," as he planted a blow.

"Goddess, God and Creator all do give me peace," she cried;

"...forgive these fools who know love not," as her soul flowed.

The sun shown bright in the mid-day sun, as the poet sat so still that a rabbit of no size strolled by.

"What timely presence do I take who visits me so?" said the poet.

"A humble and insignificant rabbit of no size at all who only wishes to stroll by."

"Yes, I see but brave thou art for I am large and of hunger.  You are small and insignificant; why stop to loosen gums."

"I saw you standing and staring at the sun; why do you do such things?"

Perplexed the poet thought...  and he thought... and he thought and could not answer the gray insignificant rabbit. 

"And then he spoke, I wish to die."

"But why?" 

"For the world no longer needs minstrils or merry men.  They have given their souls to the needless clatter of auto and train.  Listen for a moment how lonely the dardness trully is.  Begone my friend before I lose hope of a better tomorrow."

As I stood at the edge of time I saw myself looking back,

I asked what was the meaning of all this hatred?

My shadow pointed far off and there among the fog and black,

the Angel of Darkness smiled, his eyes glowing red.

"Ask it." I spoke.

He answered, "I am called king, caesar, czar, and emperor. I am the darkness that flows through cold night.  I whisper death in their ear.  I revel in your misery, be you afraid of death or disease I am there.  I make you feel alive."

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