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created on 06/19/2009  |  http://fubar.com/poem/b300333


 The Dream 


Last night I dreamed I was an eagle soaring through the sky

My wings being warmed by the sun

I stopped on a mountain top to look for my Love

You were nowhere to be found

I looked high and I looked low

Sadness fell over me as I thought of my lost Love

The only place I didn’t think of looking was straight up

I did and there you were smiling down on me

Giving me the light I needed to see and the warmth I needed to live

Your smile was the brightness

Your love was the warmth

You are the Sun shining down on me

Supplying me with all I need to live

I stayed there just soaking up your warmth

You made me smile as you always do when I think of you

Last night I dreamed , I dreamed of you

My Sun , My Life ,  My Love  , My  Everything

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