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She reminded me of Autumn with her bright red hair and passing smile Wrapped in halloween caught with a pair of ravens permanently resting on each of her shoulders Gothic isn't a lifestyle it's architecture She told me one day across a couple of cups of cold coffee I focus on the shadows a second too long chose to walk the roads at night want to paint the ceiling black and suddenly they hand me a coffin and glare at me as if i am anomaly Well maybe you are, i smirk an anomaly highly not i don't have my own weather pattern plus Wednesday had this fashion long before i was introduced to trenchcoats it seems unfair that i have been pegged, isolated caged into an image, a simple stereotype starving in soul and lost in hope She reminded me of Autumn with her deep brown eyes, and delicate hands September breezes were caught under her collar and she had a leaf stuck to her right calf Gothic isn't a lifestyle it's architecture I beg to differ, i whistled I think the arch of your eyebrows are a perfect example of gothic structure as we stumbled along the road dodging puddles, and soggiy leaves She clicked her tongue and scowled if i wanted my body to be a structure then i rather have high-rise legs and a prominent domed top but I think I have the ghetto on my front real estate page and i still get a long line of people that want to visit open houses upon my block i guess my land doesn't have to sell for triple digits for me to wind up with nine digits by the end of the night She reminded me of Autumn with her pursed lips and shaggy green jacket Thanksgiving wasn't fair around the corner she gathered all her friends around her dining room table Gothic isn't a lifestyle it's archictecture built in the gathering of her mismatched friends whispering out hellos, giggling out conversations she shared some red wine, few thoughts Sometimes, I feel alone persecuted for not being a part of the mold look who created the mold, i said a society of imperfections but all striving to be perfect She laughed, and whispered i wish i wasn't moving away i felt the same as we stood there watching the rain Every Autumn, I think of her
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