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Blaze16's blog: "Poem 1"

created on 08/23/2007  |  http://fubar.com/poem-1/b119602
I wrote this poem back when I was a sophomore in High School. I was really passionate towards a girl there but I never spoke up to her and told her that I liked her and how much I liked her. Once that I got the courage to tell her that, I got turned down. We became closer friends and my feelings for her only got stronger. At this point in time, I told her that I wanted to be with her and if it wasn't mutual then I couldn't take being her friend anymore because I wanted to be more than that. This poem is called Great Hopes because you can always have great hopes, but they won't always prevail. (Great Hopes) When i first saw you, I knew there was love. Wanting to hold you gently, Nurturing you like a baby dove. Sometimes i thought you hated me, Everyone knew all along. Everytime that i see you, I try to make it prolong. Never wanting to let go, Even if you say it isnt so. I will always love you forever, Though you say itll never. Im tired of all this trying, Fail after fail. Even though I hope that, Its me and you at the prevail.
This was a poem that I wrote when my girlfriend broke up with me. At the time I had a lot of mixed emotions and I had really strong feelings for her. I believed that there was still hope for us but, it wasn't a happy ending I suppose. It doesn't have a title just for the fact that words couldn't describe the feelings I had for her. Leave me some comments back. (Untitled) I love you baby, I know you do too. Most loves there's a maybe, But we are of the few. You will always be with me, In ways you'll never know. I wish I could make you see, The ways I can't show. Expressing my love for you, I don't know where to start. But we are of the chosen few, Who will never be apart. It's hard to show my love, To somebody just as you. You're like an angel sent from above, That's why I'm in love with you. Mick Anderson
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