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I have to run a few errands and would like to keep the commenting going if at all possible so the other team does not catch up! we keep getting and outstanding lead and then they start catching up real fast! if anyone needs something to do can you please go by the contest i am in and leave a few comments! it is greatly appreciated! thank you! Jennifer link:
Please help! I need as many people who can leave a few comments for me! I am quickly losing my lead and do not know how much longer i can keep up. Please help! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease! Jennifer Link:
When I woke up this morning the lead I had was gone! Right now I have the lead back but I am not sure how long it will last. Please help out! It is greatly appreciated! I love to comment and in the future if it someone was in a contest I would definantly help out! Please leave a comment or two. Thank you, Jennifer Link:
I have a great lead right now but it is hard keeping off the ones in second. they are catching up and i am afraid they will catch up pretty soon. If anyone is awake and needs something to do, I would greatly appreciate any help you are able to give! Please leave a few comments. Thank you, Jennifer link:
I am in a contest for a 3 month vip and would love to win! If there is anyone out there who is bored and needs something to do! Come on by! Thanks everyone, Jennifer Link:


I haev a friend in a contest and she is 1000 behind was 4000 and we have caught up. please help with a few comments! thank you! Jennifer Link:
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