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created on 07/26/2007  |
A friend of mine's 7 year old daughter died today. She was hit by a car yesterday while riding her bike. The girl that hit her had no license, no insurance, no tags on her car and had just gotten out of jail. She had been drinking and doing drugs. She left the scene after the child was hit. Fortunately they found her and she is now in jail again. The child died at 11:30 today. The parents don't have the money to bury the child. Please pray that enough donations can be taken up to give this child the burial she deserves. And please keep her family members in your prayers also that they can make it through this hard time.
Update on my uncle's grandson. He is still in really bad condition. The doctors have had to go in and put a bullet in his head. This is done to release pressure off the brain due to swelling. The baby is still not breathing on his own. He is alive from life support. He still has brain activity so he is not clinicaly dead as of yet. Please keep this little man in your prayers he really needs them. I know he has angels watching over him. The state has took over the case and are trying the parents for attempted murder. Also they told us that if the child passes then they will charge them with murder also. Our state does not have a death penalty, but I wish it did. I wish both of them could feel the pain and torture that the child has endured. Once again please keep him in your prayers. And I will thank you in advance for doing so. Much love to my friends, Sandy
Please pray for my uncles grand child. He is in a childrens hospital on life support. His step mother beat him severly and he is bruised from head to toe and his brain is swelling and bleeding. The dr's don't know if he will live. Please keep him in your prayers. The little fellow needs them.
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It is seriously sad when someone asks for help and you give them all the help they need, but when they ask for help in return they are blown off like a bad habbit. We all call ourselves friends and show it in no way. There are certain ones I will help, but from now on no one needs to ask cause I will plainly tell you to kiss my ass.
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