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Hey Everyone, Important Message from Lord Genocyde: I know this may be a disappointment but I'll no longer be posting the playlist to my blogs any longer. From here on out, I'll simply post video promos telling you what you can expect on the upcoming shows the weekend before the shows air. They'll include the dates, times, and shit like that. I've figured out how to refine the YouTubes I post so that they come out a lot better and include opening and closing titles PLUS music. The playlists are still being sent out to the people who signed up at TotalGenocyde@gmail.com because bands and labels use them to figure them up in statistics and whatever it is they do with them. Few actually repost the playlists. We're not really concerned with that, that's not why we're axing the posting of the playlists. What we've figured out was that a video promo with the banner was enough to really hype the show. The posting of the playlist itself was overkill and took up too much space on the blogs and in bulletins. Is it too late for you, listeners, DJs, Bands, promoters, etc. to subscribe to the playlist? Shit, no! As a matter of fact, we encourage it and all you have to do is email me at TotalGenocyde@gmail.com with the subject "Playlist Subscribe" and I put you on the list for No Money Down, No Interest and No Payments ever! So by subscription, I don't mean you're paying for a damn thing. Now, what we're going to be doing when we send out the playlist is sending out the promo code to the video, banner and buttons as a .txt attatchment and, if you feel like reposting it wherever, hey, go for it and you have my hugest appreciation for doing it. Most of all, the actions of copy/paste haven't changed...that's all ya do only this time it won't take up so much damned space and you have a playlist for reposting or for just looking for your favorite bands or songs or seeing where you wanna make requests. Seems like we're complicating things? We're not. We've just made the posts a little smaller. Thanks All! Lord Genocyde
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