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ShowStopper's blog: "Play Boy"

created on 10/06/2006  |  http://fubar.com/play-boy/b10893
PLAYBOY! Current mood: indescribable As if we didn't already know it but... I totally rock. Ok but in OTHER news.... I got into Playboy! Not the REAL playboy but their special editions (close enough though, right?). I am going to be in their "Natural Beauties" edition. It comes out January 31st! You can buy it at playboy.com if they don't sell it around where you live. Please, PLEASE go get it! Support my little career :) I haven't seen any of the pics for the issue yet but the photoshoot was really cool so I hope they turn out good. So ya, If you do get it and you like what you see write to Playboy and tell them that they should make me a playmate or something! haha. Thanks for reading!! and um... don't forget to buy the issue!!!
"Natural Beauties 2006" Playboy SE - Get it now!! Current mood: indescribable Well ohmygoodness!! am I ever excited!!! This is quite possibly one of the most exciting things that has EVER happened to me!! I was totally freaking out when I first saw my pics in the playboy se mag! I looove the way the pics turned out and I'm so excited for the opportunity to be in the mag. I have 6 WHOLE pages in the magazine! (4-6 is average but still... I was only expecting one or two pages!) Playboy also has a little picture of me on the front page of playboy.com and I am also the free preview pic for the magazine!! *ahem* **free boobie pic** go check it out! If they don't sell Playboy magazines around where you live then you can get it online here or buy the digital version! This is such a dream come true for me! A lot of people said I would never be able to do it! *pats self on back* yay! Thanks to everyone for their support and I really hope you enjoy the pics!!
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