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Johnnydevil's blog: "Real Fu-Kin Life."

created on 02/18/2007  |  http://fubar.com/real-fu-kin-life/b56627  |  353 followers
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FAN ME Dolce Bella Dea Sick5 more days til I leave for Paris!!!
Christopher DGAF BummedSending out some fam love tonight, spank em real good
AL RL Husband to Tin... Stepped away♥♥♥♥I Love My Wife♥♥♥♥
Mr Paul Trying to workEveryone knows you're gonna want bling. Support the Mar...
Santas Krayzee HoHoHo In loveI just don't know what to do, when there's not really mu...
misfit Naughtygo love on my boi! it's his 21st birthday today! http:/...
Kingvamp OnlineIf jen selter has the best butt on Instagram who has th...
Drac Passed outHappy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family on here!...
Enchantress of Asgard In loveJASON (MY #1) GOING FOR 2500 RATES~ pls help :)
aka BirthdayBoi FM2 ... Goofykeep hitting those shinies, the FAM feels neglected
Big Tex NaughtyHope everyone has a great day
5th Wheel Online"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, invo...
Wickie OnlineHaving a long shitty day
HarleyChickCali OnlineThe main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows wh...
birdie QUEEN of the ... GoofyON THE 6TH DAY OF CHRISTMAS MY TRUE LOVE GAVE 2 ME.. 6 P...
RagdollFmTravler9 NinjaSo...The Big Holiday/Meltdown Week Begins...Got to Love ...♡♡♡♡♡
T a n Y a OnlineAll I really want is something beautiful to say....
princess pandora xXT... GoodOff to nerd out at the Hobbit with my 3 girls then on a ...♥
Fan Lint Licka OnlineCan anyone help me with a Boomy or 2?
StarDevilValentino I... Grrr!finally home.. who wants to throw fancy power up bling a...
Candi FM2 Outlaw DSC Stepped awayPlease like Mikey and Lal, Links on my page. Rate.Fan,A...
Gamer Princess FM2 S... BummedLike me, love me, push those buttons
Petah Goezinya AOB NSI NinjaMake sure you like Mik3y today! Link on my page. Love me...
JoshuaXxDESIRExX Sickgood morning people!!
Ninja Ninjaspent the last 4 days sleeping, and still feeling tired.
Dat Gumby Doe Stepped awayI can't even
FAN iC51NerdyBitchxO... Trying to workFAN ME!!! Making Gif Defaults/Skins for 15 Credits hit m...&
Candy Apples STOP SO... Shyleave me profile comments, I love them!
FREYJA devoted rl en... OnlineTy Nitro..for our beautiful life
FireBella FoxyTooth pain is the worst!
Grumpy Kat NinjaI need more coffee for this. and a muffin. =^.^=
TG17 EvilSo very close to leveling, likes and pictures rates woul...
Phoenix HCH Ninja♥ Collecting Batman Blings, will pay Fu Bucks for! ♥ Lov...♥
Batgirl NaughtyFriday, I'd smother you in kisses if I could!!
aLphameL Stepped awayhappy Friday! ♥
Ghostrider GoodDont be a lemon...Be a rosebud
Evil Kitten OnlineGo love on Enigmatic..he's getting my points today http:...
BitchaliciousSass OnlineKeep that buzz killed! Slap it for my fam! They all frea...
ThisInks4U EvilFeelin like shit. Off and on. Mostly off. Ugh
flora NaughtyAnyone wanna sell me another Night Star? For an achievem...
Doll Face Passed outIm Back, Catching up, if I've missed you let me know... ...
xSugarShakerx Stepped awaySweet Dreams!!
Jesse GoofyDoes your life suck? Is your ability to talk to girls sh...
Mogwai OnlineSpider-pig, spider-pig, does what ever a spider pig does
C H E V Y FW2 TiaGol... Sick♥ on my #6 fam MIK3Y, going for 10k likes
Jenalicious In loveI don't wanna work, I just wanna bang on my drum all day...
BlueCountryGrace Stepped awayOkay folks, time to clean house, redoing my family, if w...
A Y N Trying to workready. set. go.... TGIF! ♥
WiLdCaT AnGeL GoofyYEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWW... Got It Thank you everyone, I nee...
WhiskeyGiant SickToo much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey i...
Mercy NinjaI want: non-chicken soup, my pillows, and ice.
Christmas AnG3L Good7 more days until Christmas. Whoo hoo
VixMarie Online"Don't you wish your girlfriend was HOT like me? " Hehe
jasonXcross On FubarI'm mobile :)
SOUTHERN GIRL FOB DRK GoofyBBIf time for me to go get my daughter....WILL PAY 1 BIL...
ChanceIsLove OnlineSometimes u BLOCK one door, and U find that Better Door'...
3mwolB Eviloff to work for a few days, everyone have a great Thanks...
LotusFlower TMans Mo... NinjaI Love da Way You Love Me... Keep Doin' Wha'cha Do, Baby
JENNGERBREAD GIRLxTD... Passed outok I am home who wants to rub my back?
Suicide Blonde ExcitedOK my big project that I thought would take me all day i...
What da Neilio NaughtyBIZZY BIZZY
TIGER Fu GoodA sunbeam to warm you,a moonbeam to charm you,a shelteri...

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