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I must have your attention, so if your looking here you must want access to my NSFW pics, well you need to either buy me a VIP, fubling pack, or blast to get into my family. Your family status will last for as long as your Blast or VIP is for.. If you would like to have a lifetime of seeing my pics, as I will be adding more as I take them, buy me a Happy Hour... Please message me before you buy anything though, as I may have you give the gift to one of my many closest friends. Lemme tell ya... I'M WORTH IT! And for you ppl who think "why should i pay", well its like this, I worked alot of hours to take all my pics by myself, and consider them art (both for my body art, and the way they were taken). Art is priceless and a very important part of my life, and I hope if you took the time to read this, it will become a part of yours as well. Alicia
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