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This List Once made alot of people laugh.. Thought I would renew it.. RIP Twisted Phuckers lol


My Phuck list

1. Phuck the fakes.

2. Phuck the liars

3. Phuck the haters.

4. Phuck the cheaters.

5. Phuck the pretend friends.

6. Phuck the ones who turn their backs when you make a mistake.

7. Phuck the scammers.

8. Phuck downraters.. lol

9. Phuck the abusers

10. Phuck the people who feel the need to slut their way through to get anywhere in life.

11. Phuck the snobs.

12. Phuck the ones who ignore the helpless.

13. Phuck people who are only in it for self gain.

14. Phuck friends who aren't there for you when times are rough.

15. Phuck the wasted tears you place on people.

16. Phuck the judgers.

17. Phuck the ones who kick people  when they are down.

18. Phuck people who use children as pawns.

19. Phuck the men who only use woman for sex objects.

20. Phuck you if you don't like my list!

21, Comps of psycho bitch  Phuck the head games

22. Comps of Jarhead Phuck the drama queens

23. Comps of Piedaddy Phuck the Yahoo Camwhores and their Spammer B*tch*s

24. Comps of Barmandon Phuck him cause he left his keys in the car

25. Comps of Bryan Grey Phuck him the list is to long read his phucking comment lmao luvs ya!


Feel free to add to this list :) Other wise Phuck off. lol

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