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Here is something I've started for FUN!! A FuBaR Gifts Giveaway There is WAY TOO MUCH DRAMA HERE ON FuBAR, time to have some fun, again!!
The rules are simple: 1) You must have an APPROVED FuBar Salute Photo (unless I personally Know you) 2) You can Comment of your own picture, even Bomb it if you want too. 3) There is NO TIME LIMIT for this Giveaway! 4) I should have to say this one; but I think I better: Please remember that this is for some FuBar Virtual Gifts, ONLY. 5) All gifts are cumulative! 6) Please give me time to get you the gifts, it might take me a day or two. But you will get everything you earned. 7) NO NSFW PHOTO!!! How to enter: 1) Just send me a Message with your Picture link in it. 2) Please title it GIVEAWAY, so it doesn't get lost with the Military Blogs mail. 3) I'll RIP the Photo, so hopefully some people will fellow the link back to your page. I added more gift levels! So check out the chart to see what FuBar Gifts, you can get. I added the Mystery Gifts, because Marketman does add new stuff from time to time and I want to look over your RECEIVED GIFTS to see what you haven't gotten. So maybe by the time you reach the Mansion Gift, you might have all the Gifts. Enter Giveaway = VIC Trophy, 11 Rating of your Photo and page (if I haven't already) 10 Comments = Thank You Card 25 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 50 Comments = FuBar for Dummies 75 Comments = American Flag 100 Comments = Ice Cream Sundae 125 Comments = Shot of Espresso 150 Comments = Balloons 200 Comments = VIC Official FuBar Keg 250 Comments = Pint of Guinness 400 Comments = Yard Glass 500 Comments = Jello Shot 750 Comments = Fuzzy Navel 1,000 Comments = Long Island Iced tea 1,500 Comments = Sex on the Beach 2,000 Comments = ???? Shot of Something 2,500 Comments = ???? Shot of Something 3,000 Comments = Cold Shower 4,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 5,000 Comments = Root Beer 6,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 7,000 Comments = Oscar 8,000 Comments = VIC Platinum Cherry 9,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 10,000 Comments = Trailer 12,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 15,000 Comments = Rolex 18,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 20,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 25,000 Comments = 64 Impala 27,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 30,000 Comments = Silver Motorcycle 34,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 38,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 42,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 48,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 50,000 Comments = Tropical Vacation 55,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 60,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 65,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 75,000 Comments = Corvette 80,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 85,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 90,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 100,000 Comments = Porsche 115,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 125,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 135,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 150,000 Comments = Yacht 165,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift) 185,000 Comments = ?????(Mystery Gift)
GRAND GIVEAWAY: THE Million Dollar Mansion @ 200,000 Comments Note: These gifts might change without notice, depending on if FuBar adds or removes any! As for the Photo
Lets see if we can have some fun & be creative (Remember NO NSFW PHOTO!!!) You can use Photoshop if you want to. But of course, it is more fun finding something you can take a picture of yourself next too. If possible try to have something about any of this site's names in the picture. Lost Cherry Cherry Tap FuBar BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TOO!!!! We use to do this back when this site was called Lost Cherry. Here is the one I created with a Bottle of Lost Block Wine and one of Cherry Vodka to help spell out LOST CHERRY.
You can use any LEGAL means to promote yourself. Another wards no Illegal Software or anything else against the Cherry Tap TOS! STRICTLY NO CHEATING ALLOWED >NO SCRIPTS ALLOWED >NO CHERRY BLASTERS ALLOWED >IF ANYONE IS CAUGHT DOING SO THEN THAT PIC WILL BE INSTANTLY DISQUALIFIED >OR ANYTHING ELSE AGAINST THE FuBar's TOS! >NO ARGUEMENTS OR DRAMA MY DECISION IS FINAL !!! If you have any questions, please Message me. Thanks, David
For the last week or so, I've had a few people asking me where I got My Dog Tags from. Well this First One was made by Latin Diva. Which she did a few months ago. Right now, She is looking for the Web Page she made them at. In the meantime, I went looking for a site myself and found one that makes them like this: A little different style, you can see more examples in my Dog Tags Made for People Folder. Now, I will gladly make them for anyone that asks. I will need the fellowing Information: The Background Camo Color you want: Jungle, Desert, Snow, Pink, Purple or Blue And the 3 text lines you want, up to 16 Characters per line. Please either send me a Private Message Labeled DOG TAGS or comment on this BLOG. Thanks, David PS: Please don't forget about Checking Out my Special set of Blogs for the Military and their Families here on FuBar:

I wanted to get the word out, that I have restarted my Monthly Photo Contests. This BLOG explains about how the contests will be ran: http://cherrytap.com/blog/89190/377884 The Theme for June is: Support our Troops especially the Fallen Soldiers! Remember you MUST have taken the Photo yourself!

Here is an example from our First Contestant, Bulldog. He sent it to me before he had to go back over to Baghdad. Last Day to Enter is June 11th. Contest ends June 30th.
If you have any Questions, please Message me. Thanks, DAVID PS: Please label the Messages: PHOTO CONTEST
I'm starting up my Monthly Photo Contests again. By entering any of my Monthly Photo Contests, there will always be 2 ways of winning stuff. The First is by Winning the Contest itself. This is by getting the Most Ratings (or Votes) on your Photo. The top 3 to 5 people, (depending on how many people enter the contest) will get the Following: 1st Place: 7 day Cherry Tap BLAST 4 - 8 oz Air Fresheners 2nd - 5th place: 2 - 8 oz Air Fresheners The Second way to win stuff is to get Virtual Cherry Tap Gifts by getting Comments on your Photo.
Here is a chart to let you know how to earn a bunch of Cherry Tap Gifts: Just for Entering the Contest: You Photo gets rated an 11. I'll RIP the Photo, hopefully someone will fellow the link back to your page. You get a VIC Trophy GIFT. 10 Comments = Thank You Card 25 Comments = American Flag 50 Comments = CherryTAP for Dummies 75 Comments = VIC Official CherryTAP Keg 100 Comments = Pint of Guinness 125 Comments = Shot of Jagermeister 150 Comments = Shot of Vodka 200 Comments = Long Island Iced tea 500 Comments = Root Beer 1,000 Comments = Long Island Iced tea 2,000 Comments = VIC Platinum Cherry 3,000 Comments = Rolex 7,500 Comments = Silver Motorcycle 12,000 Comments = Tropical Vacation 15,000 Comments = Corvette 20,000 Comments = Porsche 40,000 Comments = Yacht 100,000 Comments = Million Dollar Mansion
And these are Cumulative, so let’s say you get over 7,500 comments but under 12,000. Then you would get the Silver Motorcycle & everything else below it too.
Each Month will have its own Theme. To enter the contest you first must have an APPROVED Salute Photo (unless I personally know you). Then, you just need to send me a Message with your Picture link in it. You can use any LEGAL means to promote yourself, including Self-Promoting. STRICTLY NO CHEATING ALLOWED >NO SCRIPTS ALLOWED >NO CHERRY BLASTERS ALLOWED >IF ANYONE IS CAUGHT DOING SO THEN THAT PIC WILL BE INSTANTLY DISQUALIFIED >OR ANYTHING ELSE AGAINST THE CHERRY TAP's TOS! >NO ARGUEMENTS OR DRAMA >MY DECISION IS FINAL !!! If you have any questions, please Message me. Thanks, David
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