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Gods True Faithul's blog: "Rap Lyrics"

created on 05/01/2009  |  http://fubar.com/rap-lyrics/b293322

Philly fill filled by Oudawn



Sup ma you bored? you want to, you know…..

So roll up the Philly fill filled…!!!!
What is so wrong with Mary Jay?

Dam she looks good I’d have to say
Heated up flying high against the sun ray
All nice and feelin' fine and cool

Fuck my math class I’m going for politics,haaay!!!
It takes away my worrays

makes me starve for canday
They say its a drug that’s bad
If you believe that, you've been had
If we're gonna get high, lets do this right!

So roll up the Philly fill filled…pass the chronic and the light

Here’s the purple, roll that shit up,

Dam use a razor you fuckin it all up!!

Pass the chronic and the light
Socially alcohol is okay
Although it makes people pass away
But marijuana is a "killer" drug
But it causes no graves to be dug
Cigarettes kill thousands of users
Even when they're not abusers

So roll up the Philly fill filled!!!

What you may have heard is slanted
Because this "drug", was actually planted
Unlike cigarettes, it contains no chem
All natural baby, tell that to the rest of them.

Dam are my eyes slanted again,dam it is!!!haha
So roll up the Philly fill filled!!!

Baby you hungry???

Lets eat until our stomach is Phillin fill filled!!!

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