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My Spaceship By:joey fetus. An original story for your entertainment. Updated semi weekly. Dixon hadn't had this dog walking job for very long, and it wasn't really all that bad. Some of the pooches were a pain in the rear,but his particular charge at the moment, a black lab named Cowboy, was very well behaved and the two of them had a quite swell time together. Today Dix had decided to throw some ball with Cowboy down by the old abandoned railroad tracks. It was a crisp June morning with a sky dotted by a few clouds here and there, none of them seeming to threaten with rain. He could hear the soft murmuring of a nearby stream coupled with the noisy courtship chirping of a few song birds. He threw the moist yellow ball lighly across some of the tracks,and shielded his eyes from the sun as he watched the dog chase after the spinning orb. Cowboy plucked the ball out of the air after a particularly good bounce, and loped back to Dix dropping the soggy mess at his feet,looking up at him as if to say,"again. again." So Dixon obliged him by giving it a rather good toss watching it soar behind some shrubery to be followed closely by the pooch. When Cowboy failed to reaper with the toy Dixon walked over to where he had last seen the two of them,and upon reaching the other side of the vegetation was stopped cold by the strangest looking "hole",if thats what it could be called,that he had ever seen. It seemed deep as well as shallow with a rubbery sort of sheen that appeared to breath like some cheap special effect from an old Star Trek episode. Dix had a hard time looking right at it with out his eyes sliding right over the "hole." He called out to the dog earnestly and thought he heard a muffled whine so against all better judgment he slowly reached his arm into the "hole." It was at this moment that all reality left, and Dixon's life changed forever. It was like being between nothing. A light and a shadow at the same time. All colors blended into a sound. No straight lines. No curves. No points. No geometric cohesion at all. Everything was visible yet nothing could be seen.It might have been seconds or mayby an eternity there was no way to judge. The next concious thought Dixon had was confusion over a sensation, the sensation of a wet warm toung sliding over his hand, and the words,"good. He's fine." this was followed by his brain being slammed by every thought he had ever had, every morsel of information ever absorbed by his mind leaping to the forefront of his psychey all sharing a simultaneous moment in time in his head. But above all else he was aware of the fact that he and the dog were not alone. Cowboy on the other hand, or paw as he was now aware of, was experiencing a quite different series of reactions. I am here he thought. I am me. four paws twenty claws. And foremost the canine was acutely aware of one thing. For the first time in his short life he was not hungry. Not in the slightest. He also was aware of the third occupant of wherever this was that they were. Dixon's realization that he and the dog were not alone was punctuated by the words in his head,"not alone. new friend." When he looked at cowboy he was shocked to again hear the words,"new friend" and see that the dog was looking at what appeared to be his tennis ball floating in mid air a few feet to the left of the dog. "Initiation complete." Came a melodious voice from the sports equipment". Translation effect terminated. Welcome, you appear to function. Congradulations. You Two are the first. Success at last." Dixon's heart was in his throat as he heard the mental voice that could only be Cowboy's reply,"thank you. I'm first. I'm first." And then he turned to dixon and thought/said,"your second. Right Dix? one two one two that's us. Right?" When Dixon fainted his head hit the floor hard. to be continued... < In the far past it had been a lovely planet, shrouded by a light layer of clouds, covered along continental coasts with rounded mountain ranges. Expansive seas dotted by long chains of islands. Huge forests of trees abounded, teeming with life of all shapes and sizes, the only violence to be found was in the search for a meal by the carniverous inhabitents of the land and sea. The dry land had been ruled by the Dori or "the People" as they called themselves, A slow moving race somewhere between a cat and a monkey with large eyes that helped them see at night. They possesed industry and commerce the likes of which are rarely seen. They had been to all the planets of they're own star system, yet were content to stay on the home world and manage they're society with honor and competence. The seas were inhabited by the Nori, a Small omniverous creature resembling tiny porpoises with arms and claws. They were fearsome warriors, and brilliant tacticians, they fought small prearranged battles for control of large areas of the sea, helping them to live in peace for most of the time. They possesed no industry of they're own and traded food from the sea with the Dori for any items they might need. All in all there was peace on this world and had been for thousands of years. Had they been left to themselves prosperity might have prevailed forever. Then "They" came. From the stars. The first thing "They " did was to enslave the Dori and rip away the trappings of they're society, leaving them broken and hobbled. Then "They" bled the seas of thier water and resources, leaving the Nori stranded and without a home. If it were not for the loving nature of they're cousins of the land they might not have survived at all. If you can call living life in tanks and aquariums a sanctuary worth having, after living life free. and as you wish. "They" were a violent and horrid race of beings having perpetrated genocide on a planetary scale countless times. Those races who lived past the initial occupation did so only as slaves, to live or die at the whims of they're masters. And "They" were ready to leave for the stars once again. The planet of the people was striped and useless to "Them". It was time to find a new world to harvest...They were on the move again... To be continued... < The only way to describe him was as a solitary killing machine.As a marine sniper he had chocked up 74 confirmed kills, yet if you added up all the unconfirmed terminations during his ten year military career it would equal more like 174. Vik Graves known as Dig to his friends, when he had any, was a master of all things deadly. As a demolitions expert he had, in his life, blown up enough explosives to take out the whole state of Kentucky. As a military brat, he had spent five years of his childhood bouncing from one Asian country to the next, earning black belts in no less than six martial arts. So by the time he had joined the military he was already one of the top ten martial combatants of the core, helping him to rise quickly in the ranks. If there was a job that had needed to be done solo, Dig was the one who had been sent, never having failed to carry out his assigned tasks he was a marvel of efficiency and " a credit to the honor of the Core" as it said in his file. Yet he had never found any honor in all the mayhem that he was responsible for. He had in fact been initially repulsed by the profession life had selected c for him. the daily discipline of the Marines soon put as end to that. Leaving him remorseless, and grim in the face of death. After it was obvious that the military life was not for him any more he had taken his discharge with glee and moved into the civilian work force easily finding jobs as a high level corporate security officer. There he learned the ins and outs of how big buisness really operated,often being sickened at the callousness of the search for dollars by those who had hired him. In his free time Dig had gotten both his airplane, and his helecopter pilots licences thereby increasing his value to his employers. It was soon after this that he had moved into his new roll in life one that was much similar to his military vocation. He had severed all ties and loyaltys with any and all offices and buisneses and began to work for himself. As a corporate assasin. A very skilled and trained assasin. thus it was that digs found himself leading a lonely and solitary life trading friends and relations for wealth and luxury. Two things that had been absent from his life until now. And this solitary life was how he found himself walking alone and thinking about the choices he had made in life Strolling down by the old abandoned railroad tracks, so lost in thought that he didn't even seem to notice the odd" hole" and by the time his world split apart, and he tumbled into it, his life as he knew it was over and a new awareness had intruded itself into his mind. "Hey Dix." the awareness said."One two three Dix.one two three"..... to be continued... < The separating was near. All the preparations but one had been made. The most difficult always having been saved for last. All raw materials necessary gathered into the appropriate areas. Individuals responsible for this important duty or that were aware of they're reponsibilities, and were presently carying them out.There was just the final detail of finding the point of separation. Not just anywhere would do. Many factors played they're part in this act that was as basic as any of life. Yet complex beyond measure. Brutal beyond experience. It motioned to a Four for reception and the vile (yet usefull) creature leapt to the honor of serving it's master. Hovering near in the required position, it's suplication as obvious as it's grusomeness. Oozing goo from it's various orafaces, it accepted the data from it's Lord gratefully drinking in the splendor of it's assigned task. Thus advancing the burocratic perfection that the Cooporative had always striven for. It would be here, Qwer'ty thought,here that one would become two. Two cooporatives to advance upon the galaxy.an advancement of strength,and purpose. One more world to harvest. Then back to the search. The Two would be found. the Two must be found. To be continued...updated semi weekly. < Vic Graves looked at the labrador retriever, and instantly recognized that this situation was out of his realm of experience. He barely aknowleged the floating tennis ball when He adressed the only other human in the (what appeared to be a) room. "So whats this all about boss?" He asked as his unease grew. Dix was just about as shocked at the appearence of another person, as he was at his own materialization, So his answer was the obvious "I dont know. Ask the tennis ball!" and they both looked expectantly at the floating ball. "Translation effect complete. Crew compliment of a single Two, and two Three's necassary to continue in oposition of the cooperative. Arival of cooperative is inevitable. Land fall in aproximately one solar year. Completed harvest aproximately five years later. This planet is now controled by Three's known localy as Human. Three's were believed exterminated far in the past. Coincidence of this fact, and the arival of the cooperative is suspect to outside interference." The narrative continued as a large picture screen lit up behind the Ball showing a slide show of world after world both before and after harvest, it painted a bleak picture for any planet experiencing a landfall. It continued. "Coincidence of Two's, known localy as Dogs, and three's occupying the same world is suspect to outside interference." The slideshow continued with global scenes of sucked up river beds, missing mountains, and volcanic cataclysums of every nature. Occasionaly a picture of line upon line of creatures of all shapes and sizes, chained , and enslaved. The torment they bore was obvious to both men, which produced a rare shudder from vic. Dix just blinked unknowingly, Innocent of the horror that his new partner had been party to prior to they're aquantenceship. "I." Continued the Ball."and the resources I have brought with me have been provided to you by a small group of Ones, Unknown to you in this system, who regretably are otherwise preoccupied. They humbily appologize for they're absence in you're worlds time of need. Now there's quite alot of preparation if you'll follow me we will begin." And at that the Ball lifted gently and drifted away from the trio. The two men glanced at each other briefly, and with a serious look on each face, they shrugged in unison and followed after the dog, and his ball... Neither Man even gave a second thought to the validity of the Ball's claims, after all the dog seemed Ok with it. And a One, the new official rarest species of the First Ten (now that Earth was found) recieved a confirmation burst.. To be continued....previous pages in blogs, read them... < Vic Graves, known as Dig, to those who spent any amount of time in the presence of the assasin was lulling over some strange thoughts. Foremost of which was his lack of concern over his rapid change in his lifes direction, his quick acceptence of a dog as the leader pro se, and his lack of need for all the training that his life so far had provided for him. After a long discusion with the boy Dix, and Cowboy who oddly enough who seemed to be the one to grasp the nuts and bolts of the earths political situation, it quickly became apparent that things would have to change, and fast. The political partys would have to be stripped of all executive powers and relegated to administrative tasks, the big buisnesses would need to be calling the shots, and buisness was something Vic knew a thing or two about from his recent vocational employment. Communications was where it was at, that and transportation. This shift in power they all believed (the floating tennis ball included) would maximize the earths production of technological goods, something they were going to need desperately if they were going to avoid the holochaust of the land fall and harvest of earth by the coooperative. And so Vic found himself Every day for the past week or so putting on the strange feeling suit that the Ball had provided for the two men, and killing, killing after talking with these men, but killing all the same. buisness as usual. At first he was completely enamored of the gift, after all who wouldn't want an outfit that made one invisible, bullet proof, fire proof, turned one into an airborn missle capable of supersonic speed, was a space suit, virtually indestructible and much more. It even managed to turn Dix, the mild mannered dog walker into a killing machine. It just, he thought took the need for skill out of his art. Oh well was his conclusion . Anything that kept you alive and the other guy dead was ok by him. So for the umpteenth time this week he crept slowly into this particular office and had a seat quietly to await the return of its owner. He didnt have to wait long before a portly man in his late fourty's sat down behind a large dingey desk of indescriminent American origin, and proceeded to get busy. Vic started to give the speach he had grown acustomed to orating, having said it three times already today. This time though it elicited an unusualy unstarteled response."Dont move senator." Vic said as he gave his suit the instructions to become visible. The senator looked up and replied "I was wondering when you'd be getting to me." He emotioned around the room ."We're quite alone, say or do what you want to me just leave my staff out of it, they have nothing to do with whatever this is about..." with that he stood up and bared his chest to the intruder as if to say " really ". Vic was taken aback only mometarily when he decided to give this man the shortened no bull speach rather than the longer standard version. " well sir it's like this, aliens are coming, some are helping, some want to rape us, and I have a spaceship with a dog in charge are you in or are you out?" " Is that all." Senator Irving Patrik Allday said as he sat back down. "Well I'm in of course." he motioned for vic to take a seat. " A dog? tell me more". To be continued...previous pages in blogs. < Dix activated the function he had dubbed the Seven Leauge feature, and stepped easily from one side of the river to the next. To an outside observer it would seem as if Dix had just vanished into thin air. To Dix however the sensation of stepping across a 100 Yd. river was as indescribable as the sensation of eating pop rocks for the first time. Man, he thought, this suit was something else. He then set the suit to lift him effortlessly to the fifth floor of yet another large marble building. Landing gracefully on the only balcony of this particular floor he proceeded into a world of office doors, and cubicles. He knew exactly which doors were the ones that interested him, the blue prints of the floor having been somehow obtained by the Floating Ball. He stepped quietly through the first door on his left, walked up to the woman behind the desk,and touched her briefly on the hand. She looked up startled, and quite puzzled as to what could have touched her so when she was obviously alone in her office. Dix turned away to seek the next door on his list. It was that easy, he need not even turn to look and see if she was dead. He knew that the Touch of Death, as he liked to call it, was 100% reliable having used it repeatedly over the last few months. She was dead just like all the rest. Dix didn't even bother with the speach anymore. That had only caused trouble with the intended victims running, and yelling for help and all. Now he just looked at the person briefly, and then killed them with a touch. It was odd, he thought, how he felt no remorse over killing all these political types (This must be how Vic felt) They were the baggage of all that was denied men like Dix who lived in a society run by gold. Gold that was horded by these people who thought that they knew where it all should go more than he. Good,he thought as he touched his next victim and turned to walk away. Another wealth monger gone. "What the fuck? " came a startled response to the light brush on a mans hand. Dix turned in astonishment to see the man rubbing the back of one hand with the next, and staring at it as if it were to come alive at any moment. Dix stifled his suprise, and meerly reached out and touched the man again, more firmly this time on the forehead. " Hey! what the fuck is that?" The man said as he stood up and backed away from the desk.Well Dix thought maybe it was time for the speach again. So he instructed the suit to become visible to the man, and said " sit back down and I'll tell you." The two men looked at each other one through a bullet proof mask , and the other though his fear. "Ok." The man replied and sat back down, never taking his eyes off of Dix. "Whats your name?" Dix said, a sudden humorous idea taking shape in his head. "Earnie." Earnie said warily."Well Earn I've come here to kill you, but have decided to let you live on two conditions." Dix told him waiting for a response. A moment passed, and Earnie replied. "Those are?" "You touch my hand, and promise to do as your told for the rest of your life." Dix told him flatly as he reached out his hand armed with the touch of death. Earnie Madsen who had wet his pants at the apearence of this assasin knew that dozens of highly placed officials had died at an alarming rate. Sometimes as many as ten a day. He had not thought that he was important enough to be worried about this, but it seemed he was wrong. There was only one choice to make if he wanted to live. Earnie reached out and grasped the hand offered to him and said. "I'll do what ever you tell me to for as long as I live." Just as a shrill scream echoed down the hallways. It would seem that Dix's last victim had been found. He would have to scrap the rest of the days jobs. Oh well, he thought he was getting pretty hungry anyway. "Have you had lunch yet Earn? I've got a lot to tell you about things. Do you like dogs?" To be continued Previous pages in Blogs Read them < There are some places in this Universe that that are so lonely, so desolate that nothing that is not already there will ever experience that place. There are also some places that fit this description exactly with the exeption of the one time something does briefly stray by. These latter places are Prime real estate and are precicely what the Cooperative desires in a location for a separation. A separation occures when one faction of the Cooperative grows to large to support the rising population. This is a very rare thing due to the fact that the citizens of the cooperative are the most brutal and blood thirsty beings ever to be spawned from a primordial soup. Even against each other. Thus most factions hover on a population "status quo". the separation was complete, having divided itself into two soon to be unique entities. There was just one final detail to focus on. Every citizen waited breathlessly for the final outcome of the final Joust. The Joust being the means by which a citizen of stature could throw thier hat in for the leadership of a faction. The two final combatants had been no suprise to most. They were Terl't, the direct decendent of Terl'p the only citizen to ever lead two factions at once, and Qwer't the son of the current leader of the pre separation faction Qwer'ty. Both of them having breezed reletively easily through the qualifying rounds by killing all oposition. Because of course death was the penalty for failure. Death, and being served as a victory supper to the winner. The rules were simple. Kill the other by any means. Each citizen was allowed a Five to aid them in that endeavor, but more often than not the Fives just killed each other making it a one on one contest. Fives had been used in the Joust for so long there was not even a record of a time when they had not been involved, as was the case. A Five was a gruesome creature for most to behold yet loved by they're masters. Although not very large they were vicious as a cornered badger, and highly trainable towards violence. They most closely resembled a four legged spider crab with a wookies hairdoo. The smell that issued from them was enough to make most violently ill, and was even known to be deadly to a few. The citizens of the cooperative treated the Joust as a man might treat a night at the Opera, dressing up in finery, and adorning ones self with the finest trinkets that one possesed. They brought along they're best Mates and they're finest and rarest slaves to attend to they're needs saying to all, see my many Mates, and the slaves I waste on they're needs, why who but me has Nines and Fourteens to spare on lazy Mates, who but me? They need not have wasted the effort for this Joust was over almost as quick as it had begun Proveing beyond all doubt who Faction 69a's leader should be. And he had accomplished it in an un orthodox manor by not allowing His Five to engage the others, in fact he had taken a grievious wound in the defense of his Five when he had snapped it in half with one of his three feet. His opponent had been startled by this approach and just as he had hoped given him the opportunity to protect his Five While killing the other. Immidiately launching his Five into the face of his opponent throwing him off balance thereby making it possible to deliver the killing blow with one of his uninjured feet. It was all over so fast that barely half of the spectators had taken they're seats. Qwer't the supreme ruler of faction 69a limped from the jousting arena only stopping to leave instructions for this nights victory supper to be boiled unlike the roasting of the previous nights victory dishes. Ah the sweet taste of victory. This separation was complete....to be continued...previous pages in blogs.... READ THEM.
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