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RangeDog's blog: "Peto Verum"

created on 12/02/2008  |  http://fubar.com/peto-verum/b262974
The cloak of his lies spread over her, and she did give herself to him to be taken away. He had possessed her… He had his victory, and soon he would build his empire over her name. He would continue to distance her from those who cared for her, till there was only him. She could feel it happening though, and began to question. What was he doing to her? Why were so many afraid of him? And his lies were slowly revealed. One by one they slipped into her vision. They were many and terrifyingly confusing. "Run!" she whispered to herself… Run she did head long into Truth. Scared, and ashamed of what she had done and the people she had hurt. "How could I be so foolish?" She asked. "You saw only what you wanted to see. The lie was comforting was it not?" Truth replied. "But your eyes are open now. It's up to you to keep them that way, and save yourself." Truth leaned in, and she closed her eyes, as she felt the kiss. She opened her eyes not to see Truth before her, but the Paladin, looking into her eyes and smiling at her. "I'm still here for you, I'm still waiting. You are not alone." He gently whispered. "Forgive yourself, all is not lost. You can still be the light." And for the briefest of moments, she could feel what real Love was like...
And his blackened wings did spread, and his shadow was cast over the world he sought to live in. On the air a sent bore through him. Fear mixed with doubt and a hint of disparity. It was his own sent, twisted, changed, and unclean. He wondered if any one could smell his fear, or was it too slight for the rest of the world to detect. A bead of sweat crossed his brow. He was nervous and impatient, tired of waiting so long without reassurance. He repeated the words that have steadied his nerves so many times before. "She will fall to you. She will be yours." His heart slowed and his resolve strengthened. His lips cracked and curled. "Yes she will be mine." He spoke softly to himself. From the other side of light tears fell from the Paladins eyes, and cut swaths across his cheeks before dripping off into the abyss of the unknown. His own wings tattered and broken. Scared from the lies and injustice beset upon him, but still strong enough to carry two. He looks forward without seeing, blinded by his own tears and the betrayal of the once good. "I have failed her." He whispered. "How can this be?" His shadow spread across her as she lay naked at his feet. Exposed and unprotected oblivious to the danger, seduced by the fantasy and the lie of him. She no longer cared to believe in the truth. What good would it bring her? Better to believe the lie and let what is to be come latter. She can not see his leathery wings, only the light of his shadow holds her gaze. "Take me from this place." She urged. "Take me and make me whole..." "How did you fall Dark Paladin?" Spoke truth. "What is it that consumed you, and left you ruined here?" "I was honest… I spoke your words. You failed me, and I failed her!" The Paladin screamed. "She has abandoned me, and I can’t protect her! WHY? Tell me why!" "Are you sure it was my words that failed you?" Questioned truth. "How can you know this to be me? What of his words? Did they not play a part in this? You don’t need to ask me why, do you? You already know why." And the Paladin broke. Rivers of tears streamed from his face and fell at his feet flooding the earth. They pooled and collected spilling over into the abyss. "Yeesssss. I know." He sobbed. "But she’s been through so much already." Truth smiled. "Tough Love Dark Paladin. Tough Love… It’s the only way she will learn."
His once gossamer wings now stained grey, stripped bare. The color of his conduct shows the measure of his quality. His fantasy has lent sway to his reality. Yet he hopes beyond hope that he has not failed in his quest. As his heart fills with sorrow and regret he dares to believe that he still can, and still will… Survive the travesty of his own creation. She Wants… Hopes… Dreams… Her head filled with wonder and starlight, as her heart lingers in her own regret. Poor choices gone by, and mistakes of the heart. She believes him and knows not why. The possibility of his fantasy being a reality is more compelling that she's willing to admit. But she's drank of his waters and upon reaching the bottom found the flavor to be bitter, yet intoxicating. Still she dares to believe. As she's left longing, wanting, needing, praying, crying… dieing. The truth stands shoulder to shoulder with the paladin, watching, waiting, wondering… If she will turn around and embrace them as the light they have always been? The truth stands stoic and unflinching as the paladin weeps and wavers. Their resolve is the same, but their mode is different. As he begs and pleads, he can feel her sway. His pulse quickens. She bends back and offers her ear, and her heart, oblivious. The truth and the paladin wait. They are just outside her grasp… Even if she turned to reach for them. The paladin waits on bended knee while the truth remains stoic. And so the dance continues. As they circle each other, each hoping, wondering, believing. Except for the truth… though it stands with the paladin… it knows it will be found, but at what price, and whose heart? The Lover, The Betrayer, The Dreamer… Who plays what role? Why must it be so? When the music stops and the dance is ended. The truth will still stand stoic. In the end all will fall, but only two will rise again with the phoenix. And for what, when what is not? It's the question that drives us… Do you feel the pull??? I do. As you seek to understand your mind and heart, I will be the truth, and I will be the real. Love not what Love be not. Seek your fantasy in your head, but keep real Love fast in your heart, lest you betray yourself, to yourself. And bitter waters flow anew. When the truth comes I'll stand with you, for you are not alone as long as I am with you, and I will always be with you…
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