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created on 05/14/2007  |
All of this was because I wouldn't let him into my private album to see my naked pictures.. His name here is Calm1.. Now he is saying I don't deserve to live and I am a poser just because I don't have a salute..When I have met several people offline in CherryTAP.. Read from the bottom to the top please...GODS I HATE CRYING.. saying I need to die.. ->Calm1: Anyways.. I thought you and I could be different.. instead of you being a damned perv you were before.... I guess we were never friends in all those years..and ti think I was happy to see you. Calm1: I'll be asking CherryTap to require a salute and we'll see what happens then once your reported as a poser ... ->Calm1: You asked.. well over that many.. and you should have gotten the hint when I didnt answer you the first time... Calm1: I've asked maybe 4 times and only gotten 1 responce you exaggerate everything same as b4 .. Calm1: excuse me March 04 ->Calm1: So why have you been begging me all day to get into my private album???? Calm1: March '03 was when I came to JM the first time .. Calm1: Hun you've seen the ladies I attract I could have my pic and always could .. like I've said your a poser ... ->Calm1: NOPE 5 Calm1: and it's just been 2 dear I've just now been on JM 3 years ->Calm1: Is this because I wont allow you in my private album? Calm1: If every pic is of you then you musta had a million dollars of plastic surgery done .. ->Calm1: Most of us change.... And you saw me almost 5 long years ago.. Calm1: do you forget I've seen you on webcam ...SaintAngel ..? ->Calm1: I have met several people offline from Cherry.. and they can tell you.. Every picture in here is of me!!! ->Calm1: Excuse me????????????????? ODIN'S...: MY EX WAS A PRIESTESS IN VA. Calm1: I'm not in the least mad your not worth that emotion .. your a liar and a poser ...and dont deserve the air you breathe ... ->Calm1: What the hell are you so mad about? I amswered you.. ->ODIN'S...: Yes and have been for years. Calm1: NOt a Single Pic on here is you ... your the same liar and poser as you always were and if you are a wiccan you've cursed yourself thru your lies and deciet
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