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koreanfashion's blog: "smartphones"

created on 05/13/2012  |  http://fubar.com/smartphones/b348124



How to wear clothes is actually a science, according to physique and temperament, how to match your own Korean fashion style? Now fashion leaders for you personalized demonstrate this summer the latest models of trends. All these styles can be found at wholesale Japanese fashion online shop koreanjapanclothing.com!


Black vest, on the streets you can see its appearance everywhere, but when it got caught up in a metal texture of Korean fashion vest-style pullovers, this mix match immediately become full of personality. In lower body candy-colored leggings is a bright spot of overall.


Navy blue sling-style dress, a refreshing Korean fashion single product, meanwhile it is also the best choice for playing by the seaside.


Really like the one-piece neckline and cuffs design, because of the very significant thinning. The Navy wind Korean fashion striped dress looks casual and very stylish.


This summer is still the world of irregular fashion skirts, pink with black stitching. Soft feeling with personalized taste is more attractive!


Scattered printing patterns are evenly distributed over such a Korean fashion light blue shirt, black short skirt with white handbag bag is very to match.


The mix match of dark color series is so eye-catching and shining. Korean fashion casual dark orange shirt with blue shorts, looks stylish with a very remarkable personality!


Cool outfit is always favored by many girls who hate hot weather. Slightly perspective watermelon red chiffon shirt collocating with Korean fashion denim tied small skirt looks very cool and leisure. The looming white suspender is tempting!


Hemming jeans is very significantly leisure and cool. Coupled with simple white letters T-shirt, so simple and wild collection, just try this way of wearing. In addition, in the hands the red motorcycle bags is also this summer's undefeated Korean fashion item.


For newest Korean fashion items including clothes, shoes, accessories and so on, please check out wholesale fashion clothing online shop koreanjapanclothing.com!





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