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Ok folks you know the deal. Go show this sweet woman lots of love! Please???? enchanted_lady_uk

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Ok. Those of you who actually read my blog know what the deal is. This particular blog is dedicated to certian folks who show me more than just a little love...they show me LOTS of love. Give this lady lots of lovin'! Tell her I sent ya! *Mary*Jane*69* Just One of Surreals Many Angels*

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Well time to give the blog/bulletin spotlight to another deserving Fu. Today's spotlight goes to SoSweet! Drop by her profile and leave her lots of love! SoSweet

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Well it's that time again. To give the blog/bulletin spotlight to someone who gives me more than just the average F.A.R. So give some love and tell her Gimptastic sent ya! ''

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Well first, I got some good news. I should be getting a pc in the next week or so. (in theory). Now, for the real purpose of this blog. Gos show Jess some love. Tell her Gimptastice sent yea! DJ JESS SDMF

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Do me a big favor. Go show Pockets some luvin'! She is bombin the hell outta me right now! So go show her some well deserved love!! Tell her Gimptastic sent ya! ~Pockets ~ Is so far behind, she thinks she's first! * Warden @ The BLOCK! * Drama Free Zone! No Salute ~

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If you have been reading my blog, you know that it's time once again to spotlight someone!! And this time that some one is Simply Me! Show her lots of love!! Simply Me

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Just in case you didn't know, I only have library access for the forseable future, so to return love to those folks who go out of their way to show me love or to help me out in some way,they get highlighted in this here blog. With that said, let me introduce you to Meowzette. Over the last few days she has faithfully reposted my bulletin to help me when a 30 day blast. She even has comment bombed the pic in that contest. Show her some love. Tell her Gimptastic sent ya! Meowzette

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Well ladies and gents, here is another spotlight blog for someone who showed me lots of rate love recently. Go help me return the favor by give her some love! Tell her Gimptastic sent ya! *~Slave~*

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