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Ever meet someone on the wrong day? Maybe you're just in a bad mood and EVERYONE pisses you off.....


That's how I met Shar. She made a MuMM and I went off. I'm pretty sure I called her stupid or something not so nice. -sigh- Honestly, I didn't really feel bad. I was in a bad mood and, for some reason, I wanted everyone else to be too. Days went past and I did something that I don't normally do. I saw her again and told her I was sorry. I even did it in public. We started talking in the shout box and you know what, turns out she's super nice.

I had one woman on here, that was in the original MuMM say I was just using her, Shar. That woman called me and Shar so many names. Anyone that knows me knows that once you are my friend, I will defend you to the end. I went off on that one girl and ended up in her folder of "Fubar Bitches". She even had her friend come and try to start shit with me. Really? 

Shar is absolutley amazing. I've never seen her ask for things for herself. She's always asking people to help her friends. You don't see much of that around here. You know, most of the time people on here only worry about themselves and how they are going to get a higher rank than the "bitch" next to them. Silly.


Shar, this is for you::.

I'm so glad that I was in a bad mood that day. You saw me at my worst and still wanted to be my friend after all of that. Thank you. I can't say it enough. Your friends are lucky to have you in their lives. I love you!!!!! <3


You want to know something I've never told you???


Remember, years ago, the convo we had on a picture of mine that involved marriage?

You think about it and I'll wait





I would say yes.

I don't think it's really much of a secret...at least to them. I just don't think that I've really been as honest as I should have.


You need to smile more often. I'm sure that it's a great one.

I really do look forward to talking to you. Knowing that you listen to me is pretty awesome.

I know that other girls tell you that you are sexy. It's true. However, I the reason I think your sexy has NOTHING to do with your looks. (I'll get into that in a little bit)

Your laugh is contagious. 

I like how you still act like you don't know it's me when I call, lol.

You could possibly be the easiest person to shop for. Not that I've bought you anything, I just know what you want, lol.


Here are the reasons I think you're sexy::.

You listen

You have a job and aren't afraid off work.

You are a great father

You make me laugh all the time

You do what's right, even if other people don't understand



That's all for now. Trust me, there are more reasons......




I should send you a pic

Your marriage isn't going to last

I'm really going to miss you

You spoil the shit out of me

You don't have to

I love that you don't think you're amazing

Your smile makes me melt

You are possibly the funniest person I know


I'm not one to really throw that word around, seeing as how if I'm wrong, it could be bad. I just know that I didn't appreciate what was said. It all started off innocent. My status was something like "Be honest. Tell me what you REALLY feel about me." Here is the rest.

2nd General: honestly i love ya jus saying
2nd General: oh so u want people to respond but then u dont respond back how wonderful lols
Per: Ahhhh...I didn't know you did. I've seen it in the status, but no t on here. I"m sorry!!!
Per: love ya too!!!
2nd General: lols i jus playin with ya lols
2nd General: would ya happen to care to fu own me i need 4 more different peeps to fu own me as one of my requirments
2nd General: an if u do this friday ill make sure an bling u as i still need to bling 8 more peeps
Per: Lemme see how much you are worth. Sorry, I had to fix my kid something to eat, lol
Per: Gotcha! ho w many more do you need?
2nd General: jus 1 from 1 other peep
Per: kk 
Per: There ya go 
Per: I'll own you for 10M 
2nd General: yup now jus to bling 8 peeps tomarrow an find someone to own me at 10 mill accordiing to lvl up time
Per: I'll come own you for the 10 million when the 5 minutes is up, lol
2nd General: where ya live i live in ohio mayeb i could help that orgasm according to where ya liv lols cross state is prolly a no
Per: hahaha. I'm in wv
2nd General: oh i been there last time i was there though i almost joined the kkk for 50 bucks liftime membership
2nd General: a friend of mine tht is dead now though well his grandfather was a red dragon when they lived down there way back when
Per: what?
2nd General: west virginia ya said rite thats home of alot of hangings
Per: No it's not.
2nd General: lol my buddy lived there an sqid the appartment where they lived his grandfather hanged a few black people on the hill behind the appartments jus saying
Per: And I'm just saying we don't just go hang black people . We aren't racist fucks. I can't help what your friends grandfather is..but it doesn't happen here.
2nd General: this was way back when when slavery was still around of coursw its not happening in these modern days
2nd General: an it was when i wwas in highschool an jus bein a dumb average teen ya know didnt know better then js but now im different ill always have my rebal side but i do date black women so gues ive grown out of that whole rasicst thing
Per: Slavery and hanging was everywhere back in those days. I get defensive because WV already has a bad reputation, I don't want it to be any worse
2nd General: ya well last time i went there it was all whites but ive heard that same appartments is now like bein over ran bye blacks jus 2 yrs laters
Per: it's not all white. I don't know what part of WV you've been in. We are NOT a racist state and it actually offends me that you'd say that

I ended up starting somewhat of a debate on facebook with my status.  I figured I'd bring it here and see what some of you all thought.

I was at work and saw 2 BARELY teen girls dressed in clothes that were, in my opinion,  not appropriate for their age. I'm talking shirts that covered only their chest, shorts that barely went over their butt, their shirts also cut down low. One girl had a belly button ring and the other had writing on their side to look like a tattoo. You could tell that they were doing it to look older.

Thing is, who do you blame? Is it just a kid being a kid or is it up to the parents?

I know my opinion, I just want to see what everyone else thinks.



Oh, and anyone want to give me 4 credits???

I know Wikipedia isn't the best place to get your information, but this time it's all true.

If you read the blog before this one, you'll know we had a really bad storm here (wv)...it was actually more than just my state..but yeah. Here is what happened. If you're interested in a read, go for it :) It has pictures of the storm cell(s) that came thru. 



I won't be on here long, but I feel like I should do a little update. If any of you have watched the news, yes it's made THAT kind of news, you know that a huge storm went through my area. 

Here is the link to the evening news::


We were out of power for about two days. That meant no air....and yes, we had around 100 degree weather. It sucked so bad. Getting ice and gasoline was impossible. Put it to you this way, if you wanted gasoline....you had better have enough to wait about 30 minutes or longer to get it. And if you needed ice, you were shit out of luck. My boyfriend and I waited for 30 minutes to get some. We ended up snagging 7 bags.  We were told that it was coming from three different stores that didn't have power. We THOUGHT it was coming in a big truck, nope. They brought the ice in a compact car's trunk. It was gone in as little as 2 minutes. It was really bad.

Many gas stations are now out of gas...waiting for trucks to deliver more. =/

But anyway, we are all fine and are very grateful. Hope anyone that was hit by this is okay. 

Love you all :)

I received a book for my birthday. I got Fifty Shades of Grey. I read the book in 2 days. I have to say that I'm addicted, lol. I went right out  and bought the second book. I've finished it. Now I must go and buy the final book in the series. Grrr!!

I really hate when I get wrapped up in something. It seems so take up all of my time and then I end up ignoring my friends. I'm sorry. 


However, I have to say..........I want a man like that. I do.


Any takers?

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