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Pennywise- Fuck Authority
7 comments views: 980
robert blankenshipFeb 1, 2015-- 7 of 7my speakers are blown so i cant listen to this but im a marine any soldger would agree sempter fi
robert blankenshipFeb 1, 2015-- 6 of 7
Morning good lookin [image] [image]
mornin doll id blow you a kiss if i knew how im new to all this you have a blessed day
tzck333Dec 10, 2013-- 5 of 7It ok
phillyguyNov 25, 2011-- 4 of 7it ok
Jen Fan Me PleaseJul 24, 2011-- 3 of 7Morning good lookin
PsychoSquirrelJul 22, 2011-- 2 of 7yep screw authority, they only bring us down and inhibit creativity making us all like sheep following the heard.
MarioJul 22, 2011-- 1 of 7I agree
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