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SCRAPPER's blog: "Payment Problems & CCA's"

created on 02/03/2011  |  http://fubar.com/payment-problems-cca-s/b339274  |  20 followers

Accounts that use multiple credit cards under the same card holders name and address will usually not be flagged if a CCA is approved. If you are flagged and your purchasing is suspended, fill out a cca and explain that you use different cards but they will be under the same card holder name and address. This is standard for any online purchasing. If the information on the card does not match what is registered with the card, the card will be declined.

If you use multiple gift cards, the best way to avoid purchasing suspension is to send www.fubar.com/support a quick PM that you updated your card with a new gift card and the personal info is the same and the last four digits are XXXX. We will note this in the account and you will avoid any hassels.

If you are using multiple cards with different names, you will be shut down and asked to submit a CCA from the card holder authorizing your charges. We do not allow this activity unless you are married and we have a CCA approved. This is to avoid any possible fraud issues.

If you main account is suspended, DO NOT set up additional accounts and gift your main account. You will be suspended and create a huge headache for us both. The goal is to make sure that no one is doing shady spending. Communication is the key to making everyone have more fun.

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