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GenFX's blog: "In The News"

created on 10/04/2006  |  http://fubar.com/in-the-news/b10191

Despite a somewhat dodgy delivery, this sums up (in a funny way) my problems with modern Democratic politicians and love the show Red Eye. As a note this is a variant of a blog Greg did on Huffingtonpost.com, you have never seen so many knee-jerk liberals get their panties into such a bunch. But then again I too would be upset if my indefensible position was assaulted. I have stated similar sentiments in my blogs in the past couple of years. When a political party bases its success on our country's failures and in turn actively tries to enable said failures, you have a deeply troubled party. I am not in love with the current Republicans, but modern Democrats seem content to make anyone politically right of socialist hate them.

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