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Sitting alone in the dark of my room Feelings of despair foreshadow my doom Breathing becomes more troublesome I cant wait for death to come Heart racing over 100 beats a minute My chest hurts more deep within it Casting a shadow over my very being My eyes clouded over, I see nothing Its dark, cold and shivers go down my spine I pray for those I love going down the line My eyes are heavy, I cant keep them open now I've fallen over, I cant sit up anyhow My lack of strength has left my body weak My lips wont move, I can not speak My mind reels going over all I would miss Knowing there are lips I would no longer kiss I cant see whats right in front of me I cant think of somewhere else I'd rather be Your arms hold me close and safe, I'd hope No, You aren't there so I wont be able to cope I just want to let go of it all My last breath taken in before I fall Death stole the last bit of life I had Its over but its really not all that bad.
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