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you cant rise a growen man..i tell my mom..iam olny one left..out 5 childern my sister still alive but she dont give shit about me.all i can do is be so easy.family anybody that show u love without asking for sumthing..but u dont get something from nothing. iwas just duck hunting not giving a fuk was my motto.until i handle my daughter in my arme made me. want to enjoy life as i held her little hand in my palm.now i have son but daddy not around i pay child support..but is that the cycle i came from now. i not like my father and god rest hime cause he dead spet 10..day before my brith day that was the worst day.i really cant enjoy my brith day never told him i loved him..even ho he did things for till my moms told me when he died.now how i rise a child i tell no lie and show them the truth form my heart..sorry son i cant be apart of ur life ur moms think like iam here pops..nawh i dont beat on women and stll live in the same house.i dont do anything to women i want done to my daughter i wont do anything that wont be done to my mother.pleasure and knowing i speak from he heart inside acting hard-headed and rip some one apart.every day u learn depends if what be a teacher..but teacher need to learn to become better teacher.
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