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Amanda Peter's blog: "Our Fantasys!"

created on 10/03/2006  |  http://fubar.com/our-fantasys/b9850
It was the 31st. Two weeks ago an envelope had arrived in the mail; it was quite plain on the outside. Addressed only to Peter and Amanda, one had to begin to wonder how it had found its way to their mailbox. Upon opening they had found an ornately decorated card. With a texture like parchment it had a black mask embossed on the top corner and streamers of metallic red, gold, and silver rounded their way around the card encompassing the writing. It simply said, “Your attendance is required, October 31st 2006 Park Place Manor.” On the back of the card a single line read a web address masquerade.com. Of course as to be expected their curiosity had been rousted and they had at the soonest opportunity logged on to the website. The website echoed everything about the invitation. The background was parchment like and the familiar back mask topped the site with its metallic streamers making an eye-catching boarder. Surprisingly the website welcomed them by name: “Amanda & Peter we’re so glad you’ve taken the time to explore what wonders await you. We are holding a very special party for our closest friends. Please continue to explore the site to find out more.” The website went on to give directions to Park Place Manor, details about the accommodations and finally details about the event. It was a Masquerade ball; instructions were given as to dress code- a black tie affair- and finally a link that took them to a page with a selection of masks. The masks were leather, each a piece of art. There were 6 different styles in total, each of them hiding the majority of the face of the wearer. Instructions were given to select two and they would be delivered in the same way the invitation had arrived. After much thought Amanda selected one of the smaller masks, it covered from the forehead to the nose, leaving the mouth exposed. It was cat-like in features, sporting rolled leather fringes and bead work that hung from the strap. Peter opted for a devil like mask, covering the hairline; leather had been rolled into horns that sat pertly on top. The mask had been dyed a deep red and its full face featured a pointed chin. It still left the mouth and eyes exposed giving only a hint as to who the wearer was. The masks had arrived this very morning. Whoever was hosting this Halloween bash left things to the last minute; however the mystery really played into the Halloween fantasy. 5:30pm and work was over for Peter, he arrived home to find the bed covered in clothes. It was obvious Amanda been searching for just the right thing to wear. Pushed to one side was a red dress and with it a wine colored set of underwear. Peter remembered buying it from Victoria’s a few Christmases ago. He could hear Amanda singing to herself from the bathroom. Poking his head around the corner he saw her lush naked body sitting astride the edge of the bathtub, her left leg outstretched as she carefully pulled the razor across it. “Hi honey, I’m home!” He chirped with excitement. Amanda turned around to greet him with her loving smile. “I see you’ve been searching for something to wear. I really like the dress, it will look great!” For the next hour they primped and pruned, by the end of it all Peter was wearing a black tux he’d dug out the back of the closet and Amanda, the red dress she’d selected earlier. Standing a little taller than 5’4 the red dress stopped short of covering her knees. It frilled out into large pleats at the bottom, tapering to her firm waist. It was very low cut in the back, the red satin like material just pooling around her lower back. Peter looked at his wife, he always thought she looked wonderful, but tonight there was something magical. His eyes were drawn down the straps to her firm beautiful breasts. The dress really accented her figure. “Ready? Time to go…” The drive out to Park Place Manor was pleasant; it was about 45 miles from their house and took a little over half an hour to get there. The sun was setting early now the fall had come and long shadows crossed the land. The sky a blazing red as the light played upon the clouds. Living in the south definitely had its advantages, not least the temperate nights all the way through the fall. A valet ushered them out of the car, directing them to the front door before whisking their vehicle away to some unseen parking lot. The door was surrounded by balloons, it was a grand entrance to the large house under normal circumstances but for tonight’s festivities it had been dressed up in myriad of colors. An unmasked gentleman stood at the door, neither Peter nor Amanda recognized him. He beckoned them closer… “Good evening,” the doorman spoke in a deep friendly voice. “Can I have your invitation please?” Peter reached into his jacket pocket and handed him the invitation card. “Very good sir, now please; you have your masks?” Amanda and Peter nodded, their masks in their hands. “Let’s go in…” with that the doorman turned to the doors opening them wide. The darkness inside seemed to swallow dusks light from outside. The doorman indicated for them to put on their masks and not for any reason to take them off. Holding hands, Peter and Amanda stepped through the door and into the darkness… Slowly moving forward one step at a time their eyes started to adjust to the black. The doors had been closed behind them and there were certainly the sounds of festivities in front of them, somewhere. Finally whether it was their eyes adjusting or a subtle increase in light they were able to make out a grand hallway, smoke filled the floor. Manor wasn’t just a title, Amanda was sure she could make out large masterpieces hanging on the wall; she had to wonder if the portraits were watching them. They closed on the other end of the hall, two grand interior wooden doors stood before them. Peter could feel the excitement pulse through Amanda’s hand; she gripped him firmly as they stood. Listening for a while they could hear music and voices… Holding the door open Peter let his masked wife enter the room. It was a grand ballroom. A vaulted ceiling decorated with streamers made the place look cavernous. About 25 people stood in the center of the room, all masked in the variations of the masks they had seen on the website. Looking quickly for a familiar face, they couldn’t find one. Everyone looked like everyone else. A lady in a long evening gown approached from the side, she was wearing a distinctly different mask. It was plain, black and resembled the one depicted on both the invitation and website. She was holding a tray. “Champagne?” She asked. Two tall flutes of a bubbly liquid sat center on her tray. It wasn’t like any champagne Amanda had ever seen. It looked thick and red but still maintained its ‘fizzy’ quality. Each accepted a glass and tentatively sipped the liquid. It certainly didn’t look like champagne but it was. The taste was exquisite. More comfortable in their surroundings Peter looked at Amanda, their eyes met and he bend forward and gently kissed her lips. “You look beautiful,” he whispered. True enough the masked obscured most of her face, but she oozed a quality that made him feel good. It was her magic; an unmistakable vibe that told him she was his. Turning back to the grand ballroom, they started to notice more about it. The music was coming from a band; they all wore the plain black masks as did several people holding trays that stood at the edge of the highly polished marble dance floor. There was definitely a difference between the guests and those attending to their needs. The grand ballroom had five doors in addition to those they had already come through. Two sets of double doors flanked each side of the room and behind the band a single door was at the top end of the room. It was that door that now opened. A tall man walked in. The band lowered the volume, but still continued to play some instrumentals from the 50’s. The man was muscular and it showed, he wore very little; a black bowtie, white collar and dress pants. He was deeply tanned and had that ‘stripper’ quality about him. Every woman in the room swooned; he definitely had the attention of everyone. His mask was also quite different. It didn’t resemble the leather masks of the guests or the plain black ones worn by the band members. It was leather and resembled without a shadow of a doubt a jester. Leather had been rolled into a jester’s crown and attached to the mask. It covered his eyes and tapered down into the nose but left the bottom of his face totally exposed. His jaw was square and eyes deep brown; a very handsome man. “Now our final guests have arrived…” His voice betrayed first impressions- it was rich and accented. “… Welcome one and all to this Masquerade Ball. Your hosts have taken the liberty of joining you all.” At once the room eyed each other seeing nothing more than another mask. “We all hope you have a pleasant evening, please help yourselves to the food and drink and let one of our severs know if you need to find your room.” With that the lights went out. The ‘ssshhhishhh’ of smoke machines filled the room. Amanda quickly felt the cool moisture of the smoke on her legs. The band picked up with a rendition of ‘Someone’s Watching You.’ How appropriate! Fairy lights start to glow up by the ceiling, enough to light the room and the smoke. Amanda dared not let go of Peter’s hand for fear of losing him in the crowd. The party was in full swing, everyone was enjoying themselves- dancing and drinking. It was difficult to measure time, but the band had played a full set and taken a break while something previously recorded filled in the gap. Peter and Amanda had mingled with a few of the other guests, Peter had been asked to dance by another woman wearing the same mask as his wife. She wore a long purple dress with a low back; as they danced Peter’s hand rested against her naked flesh. The excitement tingled in his fingers, he wondered if he knew this woman, if she knew him. While he was dancing Amanda had engaged in conversation with two gentlemen, one wore the same devil mask as Peter, the other had selected something that resembled an owl, the leather accented with feathers to produce a stunning look. Peter could overhear a little of their conversation, they were trying to establish who everyone was, but it seemed no one knew each other. The musical selection was outstanding; every tune seemed to direct the mood for the crowd. Maybe it was the drink, or the atmosphere created in this great house as the night drew on, people danced closer, held each other tighter and mingled closer. Not knowing with whom they were dancing. Amanda had been taken by the hand by the man wearing the owl mask and was dancing close to him. As the song ended she excused herself and looked around to find her husband. It sounded easy enough; looking around and around she saw a lot of devils in black tuxes. She approached a man the approximate size of Peter; he was 6ft tall and well built. She leaned into him and he gladly accepted her advances. Amanda smiled to herself as his strong arms held her and she swayed with the music. Looking up at him, he looked down into her eyes. Their masked faces getting closer and closer before the lips pressed lightly together. Amanda closed her eyes and let her tongue run the length of his lips, pressing gently for entrance. Before long their kiss became a passionate battle, their tongues entwined in a magical dance. The kiss was affecting every part of her body, she could feel the tingling run from her toes to her scalp. She slowly opened her eyes and noticed something. The eyes of the man she was kissing were brown. Meanwhile, Peter was engaged in conversation with a couple. They both had selected different masks from the website. They laughed; the conversation was light and small talk. The lady, a tall slim woman with petite breasts had a firm grip on her partner. He was a larger man and a little shorter than his companion. It didn’t look like they had let go of each other all night. Brown eyes peered down into her deep blue ones. The kiss didn’t stop, but the realization that it wasn’t Peter had changed the kiss. It was still passionate and gentle but now it was filled with lust. Amanda could feel the moisture between her legs. At some point the doors that flanked the sides of the grand ballroom had been opened. Inside each room was carpeted and the floors covered in pillows. Long strips of material hung from the ceilings giving the rooms an Arabian harem quality. This was eventually noticed by Peter and the couple he was chatting with, some people had retired to one of the rooms and lay a strewn the floor- each engaged in their own personal activity, some were talking with people, others deep in passionate embraces with their partner and, in some cases, partners. The couple invited Peter into one of the rooms to talk more. It was one of the emptier rooms only occupied by another couple who were involved in a passionate embrace. One of them moaned slightly as they kissed, their hands roamed over each other’s bodies. There was definitely sexual energy in the room. Amanda was also entering one of the side rooms. She was being led by the hand of the man she had just been kissing. The room she entered seemed to be filled with people; the majority of them wearing the devil mask that her husband was wearing. She wondered if one of them was him. She was aware that there were other females in the room, but somehow all the devil masked men were looking at her. Her brown eyed partner escorted her to a pile of velvet pillows. She lowered herself down and he joined her. Again they engaged in a passionate kiss. This time knowing she wasn’t with her husband she approached his lips more gingerly. The kiss was as passionate as before, their tongues danced and entwined and they tasted each other’s flavors. Amanda could feel his hands roaming over her body. They were caressing her sides and stroking the naked flesh that the low back of her dress exposed. She could see and feel the eyes of everyone on the room on her, but it had gone too far; she was consumed with lust. Her fingers pulled at the buttons of her partner’s shirt, popping each one to slide her hand onto his flesh beneath. His chest was ripped with muscle, a light spattering of hair had caught the gentle moistness of his sweat. Slowly kissing down the fake chin the devil mask had given him she started to lick and caress his neck. He threw his head back and enjoyed the subtle kisses being planted on his jugular. With his shirt spread wide Amanda inhaled his manly aroma. Resting her head there for a while she listened to his heart beat. Conversation had died down for Peter and his two companions; the three of them were watching the other couple that had retired to the room. They were slowly peeling each other’s clothes off. Leaving only the masks it was quite a sight. Peter wondered if they knew each other, if they recognized each other’s bodies. They must have been familiar because no sooner were they naked than the woman had lowered her masked face and slowly started to lick at his now hardening cock. It was almost as if she was making a show of it, more than once Peter saw her eyes looking directly at him. She slowly curved her tongue around the erect penis, her masked face between the guy’s abdomen and his throbbing member. Licking it in such a fashion to show anyone who was watching what she was doing. The gentleman she was pleasing was rubbing her back with his hands and moaning slightly. It was hard to see the expression on his face, but it was still obvious he loved every thing about the situation. Peter could feel his own cock hardening as he watched. When she lowered her mouth completely down over his manhood and he let out a moan Peter thought he was going to have to release the pressure building against the front of his tux pants. Amanda equally wanted to shed her clothes. Still held in the embrace of this stranger he had been joined by two other devil masked men. Two of them were massaging her feet. That was something she could certainly get used to. The lighting in the room was very dim and she strained to see if one of them might be Peter; it really didn’t matter, she was having fun and knew he’d turn up eventually. The music had softened and was no longer played by a band. In fact the band seemed to have left the room totally just leaving the pre-recorded mix playing in the background. The music set the mood and moans of pleasure could be heard from all the rooms. Peter continued to watch the masked lady please her partner. It was quiet a show! The couple he’d originally gone into the room with had left a few minutes ago. Apparently making their excuses they had needed to find there accommodations. It was the Master of Ceremonies in the jester mask that interrupted the show. At least for Peter, the couple engaged in their oral activities paid no attention as he walked into the room and beckoned Peter to follow him. His rich accented voice spoke softly to him, directing to a room seemingly full of people. Peter stood at the entrance and peered in. He could see there were several couples lying around the outside, their masked faces watching the activity in the center. Although the mask hid her face he instantly recognized her red dress. Right now that red dress was hitched up above her knees and a devil masked man had his head between her legs. Peter stood and watched… Amanda moaned loudly. Her ear was being nibbled and both breasts lightly caressed by two unknown strangers. A third stranger was breathing gently on the inside of her thigh as his tongue traced the outline of her underwear and indeed her moist wet lips that pressed against it. The feeling was amazing, his tongue tracing every bump of her flesh though the material; she longed for him to slip them off and place his warm mouth in direct contact. Amanda opened her eyes and looked up. She could see the masked men who were gently caressing her and the devil horns of the stranger who was sending tingles from her very core to various parts of her body, but looking further on she could now see the ‘Jester’ masked master of ceremonies from earlier standing with another devil masked man. The sudden truth of the situation dawned on her and she realized none of the men around her was her husband. The music played softly back in the grand ballroom, and a few people still milled around the dance floor. Some people had retired to their own accommodations, others taking advantage of the 4 side rooms. A number of people had gathered in the side room that Peter now found himself in. They, like him, were all watching the masked lady in the red dress, as three devil masked men slowly started to undress and caress her. The onlookers themselves lay in various states of undress with their partners, some involved in their own levels of caressing as they watch. The atmosphere was sexually charged and its charge was focused… The master of Ceremonies spoke, his voice as rich and as commanding as before, he instructed the masked men to remove the red dress. As Amanda heard his voice die off she got instant scared, worried and strangely aroused. She felt the hands of the masked men by her grab hold of the material. They slowly slipped the material up over her body. The feel of it excited every inch of her flesh. She’d never been so turned on by being undressed before. As the material was lifted away it was swiftly replaced with the weight of eyes as everyone admired her pale white flesh. She felt the fingers of the man that was so sensually licking at the fabric of her panties earlier slip into the sides of the waistband. In one swift move, her shaven pussy was exposed and the gentleman gently lifted the panties off her ankles. Equally swiftly her bra was removed and added to the pile of her clothing forming beside her. It seemed to Peter that the Jester masked man was guiding the acts of the evening. He continued to give instructions. Peter watched as the men made a show of licking every inch of Amanda’s body. One man started with the toes, placing her feet together he ran his tongue over and over her toes. Peter knew this was sending shocks of excitement through Amanda’s body. The other two men continued to work each side of her body. Starting at her ears, they traced the outline of her sweet features with their mouths. Working their way slowly down till each man covered and sucked on a nipple. Peter was rock hard watching the show. Amanda was squirming with pleasure and everyone could tell she loved every lick, suck and nibble that the Master of Ceremonies instructed to be placed upon her. Steering the pace and direction of the show like adhering to some pre designed script, the master of Ceremonies instructed the men to remove their clothes, only this time he gave direct instructions to Peter to do the same. The gathered audience now looked upon the 5 naked bodies, each still masked. Four devils, three surrounding Amanda, all erect from the intimacy of their previous actions and Peter standing at the doorway, naked. His manhood stretched out before him, his swollen head throbbing in time with his beating heart. Peter was instructed to step forward and kneel between his wife’s legs. His masked face looking deep into her eyes as hers looked back full of wanton and lust. Peter winked and poked his oversized tongue out between the lips of his devil mask. The effect was eerie but in the glint of his eye Amanda knew she was about to enjoy everything that happened. He always had that look, that way of telling her to relax and enjoy. Peter lowered his face and pressed his tongue against Amanda’s warm moist core. Sliding his tongue up and down through his mask he slowly parted her soft lips and pushed his tongue deep inside her, instantly tasting the build up of her hot juices as he continued to probe her pussy with his tongue. Every so often he would take a breath and blow cool air on her hot womanhood before again returning his tongue to lash at her swollen clit or penetrate her wet vagina. Amanda arched her back. She could feel the pleasure building in her body. The three naked men that undressed her now caressed and kissed her torso. She arched and thrust her chest to their lips, beckoning them to bite and suck her nipples. She reached out with her hands and quickly found her goal. She gently grasped the two cocks of the men beside her, slowly stoking them up and down, from base to head. Her motions timed with the thrusts of the tongue in her pussy. Her mind raced, she longed to feel a hard cock deep inside her, she reveled in the idea of the four men taking her, of laying back and being soaked in their seed. One of her wanton needs was quickly fulfilled when the jester instructed the third man to place his cock on her lips. Her tongue instantly went to work, licking and caressing his hard phallus. She quickly devoured his hard cock, sucking it deep into her mouth. Undulating her tongue along its underside she increased the intensity in response to the masked man’s moans. The atmosphere in the room had heated up. Many of the onlookers were now engaged in their own sexual activities. A couple in the corner moaned and gasped as the masked man penetrated the woman. In another area two women shared a goat masked man’s hard cock as his eyes wandered all over the show in the center of the room. Amanda had never felt such intense pleasure. She couldn’t cum, she could just feel the build up and it just kept building. She’d heard more instructions and the three men around her had changed positions. She sucked passionately on the other two cocks. Treating them all to the same warm wet mouth and tongue as the first, she’d felt fingers start to rub at her pussy and penetrate her core. She wasn’t sure whose, but did it matter? It felt fantastic! She was holding, rubbing and caressing two cocks, one of which was smooth with moisture from her mouth. This cock she knew wouldn’t last much longer; the man was squirming, moaning and the extra lube along his shaft allowed Amanda to get a good rhythm. As if on cue, she felt the rushing of semen and with a final moan one of the hard cocks she was caressing released a gush of hot cum across her chest. She felt it land on her nipples and instantly felt her orgasm attain its peak. Letting the slowly softening cock from her grasp she slowly started to rub the fresh cum into her chest, bring the other cock in her hand down to her nipples and covering its swollen head with the other man’s cream. Watching this the man to whom Amanda was giving oral also moaned. Amanda felt his balls tighten against her face before her mouth was coated with his cum. It tasted sweet, she let some travel down the back of her throat enjoying its unique flavor, the rest she let flow from her mouth over her face and chin. She wanted it to mix with the cum that already covered her chest. Peter’s work was rewarded with wave after wave of Amanda’s womanly love juice; he loved her taste and pushed his masked face as close as he dared. Amanda’s climax was small, her body quivered in shock. From his vantage point between her legs Peter could see her cum covered chest heave as she let out her breath. She saw her chin dripping with cum and was rewarded with watching the final man explode as she rubbed his cock against her breast. The cum acting as lubricant, he shot his load across her torso. The three spent men fell back on the pillows beside Amanda. Each glowing in the aftermath of their sexual feats; their cocks no longer erect although each twitched with continued excitement. Peter rested his masked face against Amanda’s inner thigh. He was happy that Amanda had enjoyed the attention, although knew he needed some attention and knew Amanda could attain higher heights in her climaxes. He watched as did their attentive audience- Amanda lay back, her chest rising and falling as her heartbeat slowed. “Peter, Amanda!” the voice was the familiar voice of the jester. They were both shocked he called them and indeed knew their names. “Trick or treat?” Looking directly at the jester mask, they both saw the hidden smile as the man beckoned them out of the room for another Halloween adventure.
It was just starting to get dark as Jeff waited in his car. The parking lot was soaked from the recent downpour and the patchy sky threatened more. It was funny how the sky showed its mood, the deep red of the sunset fading away blotched with the dark amassing storm clouds. Jeff turned the radio up, tilted his seat back and looked at the clock. Ten more minutes and they would officially be late. While he waited his mind raced with thoughts... would they look like their pictures? Would their personalities match those he'd come to know and like online? Would they really be as open as they had appeared? And even would they really show-up? At least one of his thoughts was answered four minutes later when a small sleek import pulled into the parking space opposite. A man and woman were inside who, without hesitation, he recognized as Peter and Amanda. That answered another of his mental questions, in that they appeared to be exactly like their pictures, well at least the parts he could see. The two cars were parked in an empty lot that serviced a small beach. The recent rain had pushed all the visitors away, leaving the newly acquainted threesome to meet in relative privacy. The air was warm and wet and the three moved slowly down to the beach as they exchanged small talk about the day and finally meeting. It didn't take long to walk down the beach and as they arrived at the end they stood for a moment to take in the last few rays of sunset red escaping from the sky. Now that grey dusk had given way to the darkness the storm clouds echoed with emotion. It might have been finally meeting after months of internet communication or some electrical charge from a nearby cloud that had brewed enough to spill its mighty sparks into the night sky. The mood was powerful and romantic as they started to slowly walk back to the parking lot. All in all the three of them had spent about 45 minutes along the beach, but instantly they felt like old friends. Having shared so much online, conversation came easily. Each of them jibing the others and laughing together. It was a wonderful warm and welcoming friendship that within a short amount of "real-life" time had blossomed. Returning to their cars Jeff agreed to follow Peter & Amanda to a small restaurant they knew, where the food was good and the atmosphere relaxed. It was a short trip from the beach and within five minutes of arrival they were seated with their drink orders in. It wasn't long before conversation was flowing again. Amanda reveled in the opportunity to tell old drinking stories of Peter's antics. Peter equally enjoyed retelling tales of Amanda's more embarrassing moments. Jeff just sat and enjoyed the freeness and ease with which the conversation flowed. Of course hearing some of the crazy stuff was starting to turn the cogs in everyone’s minds as to what the night might hold. By the end of dinner and few drinks later, the heavy rain could be heard falling down outside. The restaurant was lit by the occasional spark of lighting. Looking at the weather outside, Peter decided it was time to head home and continue getting to know one another there. Amanda and Peter lived just a few blocks from the restaurant and within minutes the two cars had pulled up side by side outside the apartment building. The rain was pouring by this time and didn't seem to be letting up. Moving quickly Peter left the car first, running around to open the door for Amanda as Jeff got out of his car next to her. It was no use, within seconds the three of them were soaked. Rather than rushing inside, already feeling the cooling and sobering rain, the three of them ambled to the stairs and started to climb to the top floor and ultimately their apartment. Soaked, but finally inside Jeff took a brief look around. The decor was subtle yet homely. The lighting was soft and romantic and music was softly playing in the background, obviously from before Amanda and Peter had left to meet him at the beach. "Jeff, can I get you a towel?" Amanda said. "How about a drink to go with it?" Peter added as he took off his soaking shirt revealing his masculine chest. Jeff, after accepting the drink and waiting for the towel, eyed the couple up and down. Amanda's shirt had been tight across her chest all evening. Drawing his eyes all night in the restaurant the wet fabric now draped across it only added to his curiosity. He then watched Peter as he grabbed three glasses and started to fill them with a white wine. Peter was tall and oozed a masculine quality not often seen. His chest was covered lightly in hair and his soaked slacks left little to the imagination in terms of his tight ass. Amanda excused herself after delivering the guys’ towels to find something dry to put on. Jeff slipped off his outer soaking clothes and wrapped the towel around him. It was quite liberating to feel this comfortable with people that you could almost strip off in their house without giving it a second thought. "Your underwear soaked too?" Peter motioned as his slipped off his slacks and wrapped the towel around his waist. Unknown to Jeff he had also slipped of his briefs. Peter placed two of the drinks down on the table and then handed one to Jeff. The closeness of this motion buzzed with sexual energy and they could both feel it. In fact it was becoming increasingly obvious by the tent in Peter's towel. Unknown to the guys Amanda had slipped out of her wet clothes, dried and slipped into a matching purple bra and panty set and for a finishing touch slipped a matching satin purple robe over the top. She was now standing at the door to the bedroom watching the two semi dressed men in the kitchen. Jeff nervously took a sip from his drink as silence had erupted for the first time in the evening. Peter was standing close, perhaps a little too close. "Let me help you out of the rest of your wet things." The silence was broken. Amanda strode across the lounge and walking up behind Jeff swiftly removed his towel, leaving him standing naked except for his soaking briefs. It was evident to Peter, who was standing in front of him, that Jeff was beginning to enjoy the view of Amanda coming closer and the firm nature by which she had taken charge of things. He felt the warm dry touch of skin on his hips as two fingers slid into each side of his waistband. Applying light pressure Amanda slowly started to lower Jeff’s briefs. Peter’s and Jeff’s eyes were both fixed on his crotch. It hadn't taken long for the touch and feeling of erotic electricity to produce a very hard erection. First instinct was to cover it, but with wine glass in hand, that was going to be difficult. Amanda was now all the way down to his knees, her soft hair, still slightly damp was brushing against his back. He knew he felt her cheek brush his ass as she reached his ankles. While Jeff was concentrating on this feeling he hadn't noticed Peter fall to his knees and was only woken to the notion when he felt warm lips touch his swollen head. It felt fantastic. The rain had cooled off his body and the warmth of a mouth was such a great contrast. Peter slowly slid Jeff’s hard cock into his mouth, deep, surrounding it with warmth. Amanda had slipped off his underwear and now stood behind him. Her cheek resting on his shoulder, her breasts were pressing against his back and her hands quickly making their way around to the base of his cock, so she could hold it firm while Peter licked, sucked and took it all into his mouth. Jeff rolled his head back and moaned. It was going to be a great evening. He could feel the warmth of Peter's mouth sliding up and down his hard and throbbing cock. The gentle breeze of Amanda's breath on his back as her satin covered breasts heaved against his back, her hands gently stroking the base of his cock. "Peter, why don't we show Jeff the rest of the apartment?" Amanda moaned. Jeff felt the warmth of Peter's mouth leave his hard cock and the cool chill of the air conditioned air surround his moist member. Amanda took Jeff by the hand and taking a good look at his naked body as he turned planted a soft kiss on his lips. She slowly led him by the hand back to the bedroom, followed by Peter who was still wearing his towel. "Lie down," Amanda commanded Jeff, directing him to the bed. He did so, feeling the soft comforter beneath him and a myriad of pillows behind him. The decor in the bedroom was similar to everything else he'd seen. Softly lit, but homey. The only difference was one corner of the room was stacked with computer equipment, which Jeff thought must have been where they had been reading and writing emails for the past few months. He eyed the chair wondering how many times it had gotten moist from Amanda's wet pussy or covered in Peter's pre-cum. These thoughts only served to turn him on more and he let out an involuntary moan. "Peter, why don't you take off that towel and lay beside Jeff. I'm in control tonight, just do what I say and everyone will have a good time." Again Amanda's voice filled with new authority, she was really enjoying this. Peter dropped his towel to instantly reveal his hard swollen member, obviously sucking on Jeff had turn Peter on big time. He slowly lay down right beside Jeff, their legs barely touching as they both looked down at Amanda who was also climbing on the bed, but straddling both their inside legs. They could both feel the warmth emanate from her core as she spread her legs wide and sat back. She quickly grasped both erect cocks in hand and started gently stroking them. Her gazed fixed on the two faces of the men she had before her. Getting the guys to lean slightly in towards one another she was able to rub their hard members together as she stroked the bases of their cocks. This was a wild feeling and both Peter and Jeff enjoyed the soft silky feeling as their heads touched and rubbed against each other. After a few minutes of rubbing the guys’ cocks together, Amanda could feel a small amount of pre-cum that one of the guys had produced. She couldn't hold back any more, she wanted to taste them both. Leaning forward, but not taking her gaze of the guys’ faces, she pushed their swollen heads together and started to tenderly lick at them both where they touched. The feeling was ecstasy. Her soft breasts were pressed against the guys’ inside thigh as her warm tongue danced on both of their cocks. Occasionally she'd direct one deep into her mouth, undulating her tongue along its underside as she took it deep down her throat. She'd then repeat this on the other member while still softly stroking the other cock. The feeling of warmth as her pussy straddled their legs was added to with a small trickle of moisture. Both Peter and Jeff were enthralled in the situation. Amanda was so sexy and hot and the combination of her oral and their cocks rubbing together was driving them crazy. It wasn't too long before they were both moaning and on the verge of cumming. "Okay guys, don't cum yet," Amanda cooed. "Jeff I want you to undress me, Peter you'll just have to watch." With that Peter rolled onto his side to watch Amanda standing beside the bed and Jeff slowly helping her out of her robe. Dropping it to the floor, he fondled with her bra strap before it too fell away from her body releasing her soft white breasts. Finally Jeff fell on his knees and repeated the motions Amanda had used on him earlier; first sliding two fingers into the waistband of her panties before applying enough downward pressure for them too to fall away from her body. Amanda turned around to show off her front to both the guys. Her breasts were full and pert, the nipples erect. Looking down to her core, her pussy was mostly shaved, leaving only a soft strip of hair above her clit, looking like a giant arrow. Both guys wanted to see where it went. Amanda bent over and picked up her panties, throwing them at Jeff. "Smell, taste how horny you guys have made me.” Without waiting a second Jeff inhaled the womanly sent Amanda had left on her underwear. "Now I need some attention!" Amanda's sexy voice filled the room. "Peter I want you to lay on your back and 69 with me. Jeff I want you to stand behind me and help Peter any way you can think of." With that Amanda climbed on top of Peter, her wet warm pussy covering his faces as she sank her mouth down around his hard cock. Peter started to lick at her flavors, sliding his tongue deep into her pussy so that Jeff could see every flex of her vagina as it was licked. It didn't take Jeff long to work out what he was going to do. With Peter now focusing his attention on Amanda's swollen clit, Jeff placed his hands on Amanda's ass and spread her cheeks wide. Slowly he started to lick at her exposed asshole, rimming the edges of it and then rolling his tongue and forcing it deep into her. Amanda was moaning and starting the buck. The feelings on her clit and ass were incredible. She had taken to softly stroking Peter's cock, as she wasn't sure she wouldn't bite down as her body flexed with passion. Jeff had an amazing tongue, working as it was around and deep into her ass. That alone would have been even for her to climax, but added to that were the soft lips of her husband pressed firmly against her, licking and sucking like only he could. She moaned louder... "You guys are making me close… I'm going cum," Amanda moaned. With this encouragement the guys renewed their efforts. Jeff slid his tongue from her asshole to her pussy and back, Peter moving from her clit to her pussy. The guys’ tongues were almost touching as they both tried to push into her pussy and taste her climax. With a shudder and a moan Amanda had her first climax, a small amount of cum, almost clear but very tasty dribbled to the edge of her pussy before one of the guys’ tongues lapped it up. "Wow, honey you taste so good," Peter exclaimed. "Not as good as you, Peter. Lay back, it’s time to make you center of attention,” Amanda ordered. With that the three changed positions. Amanda, taking a moment to kiss both guys passionately, her tongue darting in and out of their mouths as she tasted herself on them. Peter was now lying on his back, Amanda had told Jeff to straddle his right leg and she had straddled his left. Peter could feel her wet pussy against his skin; he could almost swear she was gently rubbing it through his hair. In addition his could feel the weight of Jeff’s balls and hard cock pressing against his other leg. He was turned on to say the least. Under Amanda's instruction, Jeff was now the one providing oral. His soft lips hard surrounded Peter's hard cock and he was bobbing his head up and down. Amanda was holding the base of Peter's cock with one hand and the back of Jeff’s head with the other. Forcing him to take Peter deeper and deeper into his mouth. Peter was just as turned on at the sight of Amanda taking such control as he was the feeling of Jeff’s tongue working his cock. Now he knew he could feel both Amanda and Jeff rubbing their genitals against his hairy leg. He felt more of Amanda's recent orgasm leak onto him and knew he could feel pre-cum leaking from Jeff. He wanted to taste it so bad. "I have a request," Peter moaned. "I want to 69 with Jeff." Amanda smiled at the request and asked Jeff to turn round. She wanted to see his cock in her husband’s mouth while she grasped Jeff’s head, controlling the depth and speed at with he was taking Peter's cock. With Jeff’s cock lodged firmly down his throat, Peter could taste his sweet pre-cum. This was really turning him on, he could tell. Amanda was controlling his every oral maneuver and his tongue lapping at the base of his cock while he sucked the whole length of his member into his mouth. Jeff was moaning as his mouth was once again filled with all of Peter's cock. Amanda had forced his head down deep and was whispering to him to suck hard and make her husband cum. Jeff’s moans were reflected in his cock, as more pre-cum leaked out. Peter loved the taste and knew Jeff was close to cumming. He changed up his oral motions and was swirling his tongue around Jeff’s head, sucking lightly when, with a rush, a warm burst of cum erupted into his throat. Jeff shook as he climaxed, Amanda still forcing his head down on Peter. Jeff was moaning with every squirt of cum from his hard cock. Peter loved the taste of his new friend. It was salty and manly, coating his mouth and throat. He now wanted to kiss Amanda so she could share the flavor. With his cock softening Jeff climbed off Peter. However Amanda kept control of his head, still bobbing it up and down on her husband. "Kiss me Amanda. Taste Jeff…" Amanda left Jeff to work on his on Peter's hard cock while she took the time to softly kiss Peter; cleaning up the dribbles of Jeff’s seed that had escaped his mouth. Their kiss was deep and loving and it was obvious to Jeff they were both enjoying his own personal flavor. "Take me Peter..." Amanda said in a breathy lust filled voice. "I won't last long. Jeff is Amazing," Peter's voice equally as lust filled. "It’s okay," Amanda replied as she lay down on the bed. "Kiss me Jeff, I want to taste Peter." With that the positions changed again. Peter took up position between Amanda's legs, lifting them high in the air as he rubbed his cock up and down her slit. Jeff now lay next to Amanda, softly kissing her lips and gently playing with her nipples. Peter easily slid inside. The view for him was incredible. Amanda moaned as his balls slapped against her. Neither of them would last long. Sliding in and out, quickening the pace they both moaned. Jeff was pinching and playing with Amanda's nipples while his tongue entwined with hers and danced in her mouth. Her moans muffled it was obvious to all she was going to climax again. Peter, feeling Amanda's climax, was also close. Her pussy was contracting tightly around his hard member and the rush of warm liquids made him slide easier in and out. "Where do you want it?" Amanda couldn't answer that question. Her climax had overtaken her; she had curled her toes, closed her eyes and arched her back. Her pussy clamped down hard on the cock inside her as if milking it for every last drop. It was too much. Jeff sat back and watched as Amanda's climax reached completion. She relaxed enough to feel Peter slide his cock out and spray his hot cum all over her pussy. His cock was shiny and glistening with her cum and the dribbles of his only climax still holding on to his hot red head. His cum was thick and coated the outside of Amanda's core. Jeff was surprised it was so thick and there was so much of it. Amanda lay back and gurgled. "Jeff, you've got clean up." With that Jeff slowly slid Peter's cock into his mouth, tasting Amanda and Peter combined. He could feel himself getting hard again. Pulling Peter's cock out of his mouth he moved down to Amanda, licking up Peter's cum and again sliding his tongue into Amanda as deep as it would go. Trying to salvage ever drop of Peter for his hungry mouth. Once cleaned, the three of them lay back, holding each other. That was just going to be the first adventure of the weekend.
**Glen Frey ? You Belong to the City** The room was small but the glow from the candles made it seem a little bigger. The air was warm and moist. Humidity hung like some invisible cloud. The three of them lay on large pillows on the floor, a plate of strawberries between and each holding a tall glass of champagne. In front of Peter was an open notebook; he had explained to both Bert and Amanda that in the small hours of the morning when his mind was really alive he liked to write. To put down in words his deepest fantasies and now here the three of them were, Peter about to embark on a first. To divulge the contents of his mind as written on the pages, to his wife and their good friend. He thumbed though the book until he came across a page and gently ran his fingers across the words almost reading them as one would read Braille. There was a sexual tension in the room, everyone could feel it. As Peter spoke his voice trembled, he was nervous. It was always difficult to open one’s mind and to expose the secret fantasies he’d kept so deep and believed so dirty, but here they were. Peter began to read. Bert stepped off the bus on the curb and quickly ran from the rain into the bus shelter. It had been quite a ride for him and he certainly wasn’t expecting it to rain in the desert. The rain was more of a drizzle and the air was hot- if you looked long and hard enough you could see steam rise of the pavement. He wondered how long it would be till his friends would be there to pick him up. As it turned out he didn’t have to wait long; within moments of thinking a small car pulled up and two people got out opening the trunk. A lady got out of the passenger side. She was just as Bert remembered her, a little over 5ft 4, with long reddish blonde hair. She was wearing a pair of green shorts that outlined the curve of her ass and a tight white tank top that started to get see though as the small drops of desert rain fell on it. The man who got out the driver’s side and went to the trunk was an old friend; they had known each other from time spent in Maine one summer back a few years. He was 6ft tall, dusty brown hair and a certain glint in his eye. The three of them shook hands, exchanged hugs and greetings. It was a good feeling to be with friends in a strange place. Peter loaded Bert’s luggage into the back of the car and they climbed in. **Don Henley? Boys of summer** As the car sped up they talked about Bert’s trip and the latest and greatest news in each other’s lives. It wasn’t long before they were rounding a bend and turning into the driveway of a somewhat secluded home nestled in the hills overlooking the oddity of a lake in the desert. By now the drizzle had eased up. Large dark clouds still threatened rain and thunder. The sun set with beautiful colors or red and orange across the sky, the sun beams traced though the clouds as the night blended with the threatening sky. Inside and once settled the three of them talked, ate and drank. Amanda had prepared a fine meal, the wine was cool and refreshing and the company was exquisite. The hour passed unnoticed, the conversation wrapped and weaved its way, touching here and there on their elements of desire. As Peter returned to the kitchen to open a new bottle of wine, thunder cracked high above them. The atmosphere inside mimicked it outside; the sexual tension had been rising for hours now. The warm smell of the desert air and Amanda’s sweet perfume combined with the electrical excitement of the storm. Amanda suggested they go outside into the garden to see the storm. Lightning flashed and the thunder rolled. There was always something about a storm, nature in its fury. The rain started to come down. All three of them stepped out from the shade of the house to feel the cool raindrops fall on them. It was a shocking contrast to the heat of the night. Amanda giggled and twirled. Peter looked up to the sky with his mouth open feeling the cool water splash on his face and tongue. The rain fell harder. Bert watched as Amanda’s tank top became ever more see though, her white lace bra becoming more exposed with every raindrop. Peter too had noticed and as she danced in the rain they two men watched her nipples slowly harden. They weren’t the only things. **Hall & Oats? Maneater** As the rain fell Amanda too was watching the men in her yard. They were standing in the rain close to the house; the light inside silhouetted them against the night. She was feeling the effects of the atmosphere, the wine, the previous talk. Skirting round their desire, the double meanings to every word they exchanged. The storm had heightened her arousal. She could feel her nipples grow as the cool rain soaked her chest. She felt the twitch in her crotch and knew that her panties were becoming as moist as the night itself. Peter and Bert noticed Amanda smiling dreamily to herself. She was dancing in the yard her hands raised to the heavens. They were surprised when her hands found their way down as she traced her wet top across her breasts. Amanda watched as the guys watched her. The feel of her hands was incredible. She was lightly tracing her curves and the wet material was cooling her skin. Her denim shorts were starting to annoy her as she played in the rain they just got heavy. She turned away from her observers and slowly slid her fingers down to unfasten the waistband. Enjoying the attention she knew she was getting she let the shorts ride a little low over her ass. A little lower still. Bert was the first to notice the top of the red thong underwear as Amanda’s shorts crept lower and lower over hear body. He also noticed the slightly throbbing in his underwear. Standing with the husband of this woman watching her slowly undress in the rain. Peter wasn’t oblivious to either Amanda’s heightened state or Bert’s state of arousal. He was feeling it himself. He tapped Bert on the shoulder and exchanged a glace that only meant one thing. Amanda had also slowly removed her soaking tank top and discarded it on the lawn. She now stood naked in the low moonlight. The rain drops sparkling on her skin. She was inviting them with her hands. They traced her breasts, the sides of her body and plummeted to the cotton of her underwear. Within moments Peter appeared on her right hand side and Bert on her left. **Elton John? Nikita** Each following the other they synchronously performed the actions to each side of Amanda’s tingling body. First the both placed their lips on her shoulders, gently kissing and savoring the flavor of her rain moisten flesh. In perfect time they wound their tongues and mouths to her neck, gently sucking the nape. Amanda threw her head back. Her hands still holding the cotton of her thong, pulling gently so the material made brief contact with her growing clit. Pulling tighter she could get the material to spread her lips and her fingers could trace their exposed edges. Bert and Peter moved their attention to her ear lobes, each licking and nibbling. Amanda moaned, the guys’ hands had found their way to her lace covered chest. She could feel the warmth of their bodies pressed each side of her as they stood in the rain. Their hands ran across her breasts and their fingertips played with her erect nipples though the material. Amanda reached behind her and undid the clasp on her bra; motionlessly it slipped from her body and fell to the lawn below. Her beautiful breasts were soon beaded with raindrops as both guys knelt and gently sucked on a nipple. Playing with her hard nipples in their mouths their fingers met and fondled as they massaged Amanda’s thighs and stomach. Bert was the first to break his mouth free from Amanda’s breast. He stood up and kissed her, their tongues entwined and Peter could her audible moans of pleasure as they explored each other’s mouths. Amanda’s hands quickly lifted off Bert’s wet shirt and left it in the growing pile of clothing on the lawn. In a moment his pants fell too, closely followed by his underwear. Bert was now naked and Amanda was wearing nothing more than a thong embraced. Peter still on his knees now admired Bert’s fully erect manhood as he gently flicked Amanda’s clit and nibbled at her breast. Amanda hands traced across Bert’s muscular chest and stomach, eventually reaching their goal; she curled her fingers around his hard manhood and gently stroked up and down. Amanda started to writhe and buck as her first orgasm fled across her body. She grasped Bert’s cock and stoked it with renewed vigor as she moaned. Their embrace became closer and they kissed and nuzzled each other’s necks. Below them Peter had moved and kneeled on the floor between them. He was currently gently licking Amanda’s swollen clit with his tongue at full extension; the activity could clearly be seen by the others. Amanda’s underwear had been removed and Peter was fingering her moist snatch, slipping the cum covered fingers into his mouth to taste every drop of Amanda’s love juice. Amanda with one hand moved Peter’s head, with the other she held Bert’s manhood across her body. “Lick us both?” she moaned. **Heart? All I want to do** The rain poured over the three of them as their passion exploded on the lawn in the back garden. It was warm and the closeness of the body made it hot. Peter gingerly started to lick at Amanda’s pussy, tasting the wonderful liquid of her love; he slowly and nervously turned his attention to the cock that was held across her body. Slowly licking the length of the shaft, he suddenly engulfed the head, gently sucking as his tongue played around Bert’s slit. His fingers still exploring the depths of Amanda he could hear them moan in unison. Pulling back his used his mouth to rub Bert’s huge manhood across Amanda’s engorged clitoris. The sight of the two organs touching was wondrous. The feeling was electric. Pre cum seeped from Bert onto Amanda; within moments Peter’s hungry mouth had cleaned it up and he was alternating between devouring Bert’s manhood and tracing the edges of Amanda’s wet cunt. Amanda went weak at the knees as her second orgasm rippled though her body. Bert had been oozing pre-cum and he knew he was close to his climax. Amanda lay down and spread her legs wide. The raindrops tickled as they hit her most intimate parts. Bert stood above her his cock protruding from his body. Peter nodded to Bert as his moved out from between Amanda’s legs and took position beside her. He had managed to shed his clothes at some point during the event. Bert took up position between Amanda. He gently placed the tip of his saliva-covered cock against her entrance. Peter moved over her to offer his hard cock to her mouth. Slowly Bert pushed his cock head into Amanda warm waiting pussy. Amanda moaned; she was close to climax also. Sucking harder on Peter she was putting on an oral show for the both of them. After a few gentle stokes Bert was buried deep inside the other man’s wife. She was wiggling in ecstasy beneath him as she delicately sucked of her husband. They were all watching each other. Picking up the pace, Bert thrust his cock in and out of Amanda. Amanda oral efforts matched in pace. The storm rolled softer now high above them. The rain fell. Moments passed that should have been hours. Bert’s efforts had brought Amanda to another climax and both men enjoyed her pussy and mouth clamping down on their enlarged organs. Soon after, Bert pulled out of Amanda and moved beside her. Peter, watching Bert carefully, took position on the other side of her. Their cocks in hand, Amanda’s eyes glued on the erections in front of her and each guy watching the other. They came, long spurts of hot cum flew from each cock. It covered Amanda’s breast and nipples, it flew from one man to the over covering each cock in the other man’s cum. The guy’s orgasms were intense. Calming down Bert and Peter lay beside Amanda each doodling shapes across her chest in their combined cum. After a while lying in the rain, breathing deep, they helped each other up and went inside. It certainly was going to be a great night, morning and week for all three of them.
The three of them went to dinner in town. After dinner they just hung out at the bar drinking and talking. Since they'd been friends for so long they were very comfortable discussing anything together. Bert learned that Amanda loves to watch Peter masturbate and loves to have him cum on her breasts. Naturally Peter also likes to watch Amanda get herself off (what man doesn't). The more the night went on and the more the conversation progressed, the more affectionate Amanda and Peter became with each other. Peter convinced Bert not to drive; it was almost 2a.m. and he had downed quite a few beers during the course of the night. Bert didn't particularly feel drunk, but he guessed he was a little buzzed. So they convinced him to stay. When they got to their apartment Amanda gave Bert sheets and a pillow for the couch and the couple disappeared into the bedroom. They weren’t in the mood for sleeping. Bert took off his clothes and changed into the sweats and tee shirt that Peter had loaned him. He settled onto the couch and started watching television. It wasn't long before he must have started hearing the familiar sounds of sex. The bedroom was directly above and even through the closed door he could hear Amanda's soft moans. Bert had always found her very attractive, so the thought of what might be going on in there instantly turned him on. It wasn't long before his cock swelled and he found himself stroking it through the sweats. This went on for a while and soon his hands were inside the sweats, one stroking my penis the other playing with his balls. Amanda's moans got louder and Peter started to chime in. Maybe it was all the beer that loosened him up, because he yelled up at them them. "This isn't cool at all, you're driving me crazy in there." An instant later, or so it seemed, Amanda appeared next to Bert wrapped in a bedsheet looking really very gorgeous in a disheveled sort of way. She had a devilish look on her face as she caught his obvious hard-on under my sheet. "Oh Bert, I'm sorry...you want to come play?" Bert was totally embarrassed and really caught off guard. Peter was now behind her and he too looked a little surprised at her offer (but happy). Bert looked at him for a signal one way or another. She caught this exchange and took Peter by the hand, "Come on honey, we're all friends, it's just for play." Before he could say anything she stood up and kissed him...a very deep and long kiss, her tongue dancing in his mouth. The sheet she was wrapped in fell to the floor and Bert saw her naked for the first time. She was really pretty with long dark brown hair. She had full breasts and kind of the Monroe type figure; not super thin but very soft looking. Bert was drawn to her trimmed but dark pubic hair. Watching this brought Bert’s cock back up to its full length. Who knows what Peter was thinking about all this but her kissing was turning him on because you could see his cock growing under his boxers. Amanda moved from his lips down his neck to his smooth chest, stopping at his nipples to lick them, then trailed her tongue down his stomach and put her mouth around his cock, but through his boxers. Bert watched this completely transfixed, but he was also so very nervous. She glanced back at him right before pulling Peter out of his boxers, "Let me see yours, Bert." Bert stood up and nervously lowered the sweats exposing his cock to Amanda and Peter. At about the same time, Amanda had taken Peter's boxers down. Amanda took Bert by the hand and moved him closer to them. She was down on her knees and she took Peter's cock back into her mouth, while she stroked his. Bert looked toward Peter again for some signal, as he didn't want to ruin a friendship, but he was too into his blowjob to even notice. Bert pulled off the tee shirt so now we were all completely nude. He kept watching Peter; Peter looked very hot standing there nude, his wife on her knees in front of him. Amanda adjusted herself, pulling Bert closer to them; she was now between the two men and moved so that both their cocks were inches from her mouth. She then took Bert’s in her warm mouth for the first time. It was heaven; she moved so slowly and softly over him, so wet and warm. She alternated between Bert and Peter and then she did something which surprised them both...she pulled their cocks together so that they were touching. She tried to put both in her mouth at the same time, but when she couldn't fit them both, she began rubbing them together. Both men were stunned but the feeling was absolutely wonderful. Both their cocks were wet from her saliva and they slid so smoothly across each other. It was such an incredible feeling. Neither of them could believe it was happening. Whenever they dried up a bit she would give them a good tonguing to get them wet again and resume rubbing them together. "Bert," she said, looking up at me, "Peter loves to have his nipples pinched." Bert was shocked; maybe this was going too far. Was her fantasy to see Bert and Peter together? Bert started to mumble a protest, but she begged, taking him into her warm mouth again, convincing him that he didn't want to do anything to ruin this mood. Bert looked at Peter who was so totally turned on by all this he just nodded, "Do it; it's ok." Bert reached up and pinched his left nipple. His eyes closed at the touch, encouraging him to go a little further. Bert licked his thumb and index finger and returned his now lubed finger back to his chest. Meanwhile, Amanda was back to alternating between their cocks. This was too much for Bert to take, and he could feel himself close to cumming, when she stopped. "Will you two kiss each other?" she asked. She moved back onto the couch, leaving the two of them inches apart, cocks hard. "Please, I want to see it." The look in her eyes was pure passion, and she glided her hand up and down her smooth leg. Peter and Bert were both so totally turned on they would have done anything at that point. Peter grabbed Bert and pulled his mouth close to his own and kissed him full on the mouth. It was a totally different feeling than kissing a girl, but it was no less of a turn on. Bert was too far gone now and he pulled him into an embrace and forced his tongue into his mouth. Their cocks were again touching and grinded into each other. Amanda was moaning in delight and they turned to see her pressing two fingers into her gorgeous pussy. She was fucking herself with one hand and rubbing her breasts with another. Bert wanted her soooo bad but at the same time he didn't want to leave Peter. "Oh God, suck him Peter," she said, "Please suck Bert." Peter didn't hesitate a minute this time, he kissed his way down Bert’s smooth chest and stomach, following the path his wife had taken on him; he took Bert’s 8" cock into his wet mouth. Bert knew he had never done this before, but you could never prove it. He guessed men just know what feels good, because it was totally incredible. Peter licked the underside, dancing his tongue over it, before taking it into his mouth. He then milked the base in circular motions while sucking Bert. Each time he took it into his mouth his tongue darted over the underside of his shaft. Bert was screaming at this point. So was Amanda... the sight of her husband sucking his friend off had completely sent her over the edge and she fucked herself furiously into an orgasm. Watching her cum sent Bert over the edge and he screamed that he was close. Peter pulled his cock out and started to jerk him off, a little afraid for Bert to cum in his mouth. Seeing this, Amanda jumped up and took him into her mouth. One second of her warm mouth and Bert started to cum. He didn't think it would stop. She took Bert’s load in her mouth and then kissed Peter full on the mouth, kissing the semen into his mouth, while milking Bert till he was finished. Peter needed to cum bad now, so Amanda lay him down on the floor and started sucking him. Bert needed to try it so he joined her. They each took a side of his cock and sucked their way up from the base and met at the glans. Bert thought it was an awesome experience to actually have a cock in his mouth. The taste, the texture, such a turn-on. Amanda then kissed Bert...Peter's cock in the middle of their mouths. "Fuck me Peter," she begged. She positioned herself on top of his cock and started riding him. God it was so hot to see. The sight of his smooth cock and balls and her gorgeous pussy and ass on top of them. "Bert, lick me while he fucks me." Bert moved instantly to her pussy and licked her lips as Peter's cock thrust in and out. Soon he was licking Peters cock again as he fucked her...licking his cock as it appeared and then licking her pussy and even up to her asshole. Bert was stroking himself now, completely hard once again. "Oh fuck," Peter screamed, "this is it…" Bert pulled his cock from her pussy and wrapped his mouth around it, as Peter’s cum started shooting. The taste of Amanda's pussy and his cum mixed together was again...pure heaven. Bert could not swallow it all, so he opened his mouth letting some spill out. Amanda kissed him, taking in some of Peter's semen in her mouth. After giving Peter some time to recover, Amanda who was totally turned on again asked them to masturbate with her. They all knelt on the floor watching each other. It was so intense watching the look in each other's eyes. That's the most exciting thing about watching someone masturbate....watching the eyes. Amanda helped them along by stopping now and then to suck them. It only took about five minutes for them all to be ready again. When Amanda knew she was close she lay down, and begged then to kneel over her. It didn't take any begging. They got on either side of her and looked into each other’s eyes as Amanda started screaming in her orgasm. The sight of her brought the men to peak again and they started shooting on her chest and stomach. They both shot so much; usually the second orgasm wasn't as much, but she was covered. She pulled them down, guiding their heads to her stomach, pleading with them to lick it off her and then kiss her. They each obliged and then the three collapsed on the floor, falling asleep.
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