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I am asking anyone that sees this to come check out my page and decide for themselves if I truly deserve to be in the legends. I ask that you only look over my page and see what it is I am doing over here. If you think what I am doing is a worthy and noble cause...PLEASE fan me....feel free to do anything else that your heart moves you to do but fanning me will help me make it to the legends. My page is dedicated to pregnancy and infant loss awareness and support as well as supporting those with infertility. I support our troops and the brave work they do daily and I am trying to help my friend with her domestic violence blog. PLEASE just think about it. thanks so much!
I just wanted to thank everyone that has been rating my blog for me and let you all know that my blog is back in #1. I am really excited though I dont know how long it will last..I will still celebrate....thanks much to all your support!
Please stop by and leave a rate on my friend PoeticAngel's blog. She has devoted it to domestic violence awareness and its survivors as well as a close friend who was not lucky enough to have been a survivor. (RIP Grace) This is something that touches people EVERYDAY and people need to be more aware of it and supportive to the men, women and children that live with this. I have not touched on this but I am a survivor as well. I support her cause 110% http://cherrytap.com/blog/37044
I opened a special yahoo mail account JUST for the survivors of pregnancy and infant loss and those dealing with infertility. Please feel free to write me if you are or have dealt with this loss whenever you arent on here. I will be sure to write you back about any questions or support you might need. If anyone else writes me there for any other reasons the letters will be deleted as they can write me here. My survivor friends take precedence in my new email. thanks so much for reading and please help spread the word. innocentprncss00@yahoo.com
well...with today being day 28 in my cycle..I began to get worried that things were still not back to normal...I was gonna call the dr and see what to do next. Its a good thing I waited because things are on schedule like they should be. Mike and I talked about this and after this round we wanted to wait for the next one to show up on its own before starting to try again. Part of me isnt sure I can wait that long. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when "it" showed up today if that makes any sense lol. Do you all think I should wait one more cycle to be sure things are all good or do you think I should just go ahead?
Waiting to have my cycles back to normal to start trying again is like the most excruciating wait ever. On the one hand I want things to return to normal so that we can start trying and on the other hand its like something looming on the horizon...something that scares me as well. I KNOW I wont give up but going through this again would be SOOO hard. I am also taking this time to figure out what I want my game plan to be once I am pregnant again. I am thinking about being diligent about testing my hormones this time around to be sure that none are too low to support the pregnancy. I have read and learned alot since I lost this last baby and I dont want to make the mistake of just assuming all will be fine.
Its my birthday today and if things were the way I wish they were...I would be sitting here talking to you 6 months pregnant. I am making peace with it more and more but at times when I am reminded of the date and time of year....it reminds me of what I am missing. The best present would be having my baby back but THAT will never happen. I guess I am just gonna try to go out and have a good time and not let this loss bother me tonight. I HAVE to try to have some fun and heal.

I will make this story short. Our second child was a miscarriage, or so the doctor said. At about two months along. The doctor preformed a DNC. A few months later, my wife was not losing weight. She went back to see the doctor, and she was still pregnant. He is 18 now. In 1996, my wife had a miscarriage, and again she gave birth to a surviving twin. In 1999, she had a tubule pregnancy, this of course required surgery. The doctor found a “growth” on the healthy tube, and removed it. This, of course, effectively sterilized her. What is so interesting is that the OB/GYN in Illinois who checker her out in 2000, said that his examination did not match the notes form the doctor who preformed the surgery in Texas. While we do have six children, this final act devastated my wife. It has take years to recover. We have been blessed. One son is in the Navy, the other is in college, and the rest are growing to be good people (at least I hope they are). Still, you never know what life is going to throw at you. Very few seem to understand the loss either. GH written and permission granted by: GreyHawk id# 348413 GreyHawk

@ CherryTAP

I think it's quite nice that you're supporting those who've lost a child/infant/fetus... We've been through two. The second one was hardest on us because it came between our two girls. Once you have a child, you truly know what you've lost. That's not to say that the first one had no effect. With 1 in 5 pregnancies ending before hearing the heartbeat, we knew the odds weren't good. But, we also knew of 4 close friends who were pregnant, who had trouble GETTING pregnant and we felt this was our sacrifice for those friends. written and permission granted by: bizkit09 id#

When I was very young I found myself pregnent and unsure as to what to do. I never got a chance to even ask anyone for their opinion because a few days after being told by the doctor that I was pregnent I lost my beloved child. This was the first of three miscarrages that I went through. The other two being when I was 18 and when I was 19. I was engaged at this time and we were trying hard to start our family and future together. Many doctors told me after my third miscarrage that I would never have children. I came to accept this as fact but my fiancee just couldn't. > > Four months after we broke up I found myself pregnent and since have had another pregnency. I have two beautiful children that I worry daily about because they are not supposed to be here. > written and permission granted by: butterflysalee id#562117 butterflysalee

@ CherryTAP

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