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History Stillbirth, for decades, has been overlooked and disregarded as the number one mechanism for child death. Estimates range from 25,000 to 39,000 stillbirths annually in the U.S. That is approximately 83 per day or 4 per hour. Stillbirth takes the lives of more infants than all other causes of deaths COMBINED! Yet, these number have gone virtually unnoticed. Reports about national or state rates for "infant mortality" do not include stillbirth rates. Stillborn babies, despite gestational age or viability, are labeled "fetus" and are not regarded by public health departments, statisticians, or some researchers as an infant death. This attitude has been the driving force behind the complacency toward stillbirth in society. Please go to this site to sign the petition for Stillborn Birth Certificates . http://petitiononline.com/4ourkids/petition.html This information was gathered from An Open Letter to Concerned Citizens and Parents of Stillborn Infants - from MISS Foundation CEO & Founder, Joanne Cacciatore and can be read in its entirty at >http://www.missingangelsbill.org http://petitiononline.com/4ourkids/petition.htmlhttp://www.missingangelsbill.org

I have added a slideshow guest book to my page. If you are a pregnancy or infant loss survivor please add yourself and put in your caption a little about your loss if you can otherwise just survivor works if its too painful...if you havent suffered this loss but support what I am doing please add yourself and in your caption mention being a supporter. thanks so much...lets make this real for people who dont YET understand! innocentprncss™ (Sorceress of the royal family)

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rated this blog yet? lol anyway...please spread the word about my blog and what I am doing here...I am trying to spread awareness about miscarriage and infant loss as well as support those that have lived through it....please help in anyway that you see fit...even if its just rating this blog...thanks so much

Anyway, I was 15 when we first started TTC. Its been 6 years this month and through that time, have had 6 or 7 miscarriages on my medical record, and 3 or 4 that were never confirmed by a dr. I went through test after test, as did my hubby, everything was normal. October 2004 I had a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, d&c and a uterus biopsy. I had a tiny bit of endometriosis and a severe uterus infection which was gone by the following January. Anyway, I have a blog titled poetry thats touched me, or something like that which I havent started yet. I plan to put all the opoetry Ive collected about pregnancy and infant loss in there, I have over 250 of them. Feel free to take any of them of course, they arent mine though Im not sure of authers. My last loss was in 2004. It caused me to do something really stupid. I lost a lot of friends over it, broke trust, angered people and I had to get help, I ended up playing a role of what I wanted to believe, not what was real. I couldnt snap myself out of it. Im better now, but Im just explaining that I understand completely the stress and emotions that run through you. I used to run a support site and 2 dupport groups, but closed them after that happened. How could I help people with that if I couldnt help myself, you know what I mean? Alicia - Please Add/Fan/Rate Me!

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I had my blog in the #1 spot for a bit and not it has slipped away from me...please stop in here and read as many entries to this blog as you like...it tells the story of the loss of my baby and the loss felt by others...my blog and page is about helping others in their loss of a pregnancy or infant. If you support what I am doing please leave me a rate on my blog...thanks so much and please also leave a rate on Poetic Angels blog now sitting at #7 on Domestic Violence...thanks so much!

I am in a giveaway for a 7 day blast. there is no time limit and I know its a lot to ask but I need to get to 65,000 comments...I am up to 1150 so far and I just started this afternoon. please stop by and leave even just 1 comment and PLEASE repost this so everyone sees it. This blast is to further spread the support to survivors of pregnancy and infant loss. PLEASE find it in your heart to help me by clicking the pic below and leaving some comments. THANK YOU!!

Well its official that I finally had my first unassisted cycle and I DO think that I ovulated afterwards. I guess physically things are back to doing what they are supposed to. Mike and I have talked about it and have decided that whatever happens happens. If it is God's will that we get pregnant and have a baby that it will happen and if it doesnt..its not meant to happen quite yet. We arent really "trying" but we arent trying to keep it from happening. I am not thinking it will happen this cycle anyway but I think that we are on the right track. I will keep you all posted and thanks for hanging in there through this with me.

I know exactly what you went though. I too, Lost a child. My first child, in 1998. He would have been 9 years old this coming october. My story isnt link yours but its long and complicated. as they say. In 1996, i was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I had the treatment which required day surgry. where they went in my cervix and lazered the cancer cells. Which Left scare tissues in my cervix. When I got pregnant. they Dr. knew i had this treatment. Said i was still in fact able to have a natural birth. When i was about 6 month along. My son, desided to move and pinch my sciatic nerve. So i starting seeing a chiropractor. He did my history like all would as cancer isnt something thats over looked. He meantioned to me.. about how i was going to have the baby delivered. I said the Dr. said i was able to do a natural birth. He suggested to me to convance the Dr. in a cesarean section. So i did and he assured me everything would be fine. So Full term came and im in the hospital in full blowen labor for 18 hours with the baby in my birth canal. After begging in the 36 hours for a cesarean section, the dr keep refusing and saying i now you can do it. I keep insisting i have one. Finally, he paniced and pulled in abothere OB Dr. He look at the other and said this baby has to come out now. so they forced him out after cutting serveral times to help me dialate. They got him out. The crushed his skill, he wasnt breathing. they did full blown cpr on him over about 2 minutes and put him on life support and life flighted him to another state to a hospital where they infant trama. I didnt get to see him. they took him from me and when they did bring him back the next day, in hope all would be ok, but infact for me to DNR him as there was no hope. He was brain dead. They brought him back to Idaho. I got about 3 hours with him. we had our family there and all around him. when it wasnt looking so good. i looked at the dr and called the DNR. I couldnt see him suffering anymore and that call broke my heart. In the end, my employer paing the life flight cost there and back. But the medical alone was about 90,000 USD. The Dr. had the balls and wrote off his end and tried paying me off and sending us gifts. Sort of a slap in teh face it was. We tried to sue him. Not for money but for justice. I wanted his license removed. He wasnt a fit dr. I had lawyers from all over the western states willing but no other DR. would testify agains another DR. Its a Dr.s code. They protect themselves. So he got away with it. but, i never let it go. They use my case at the state college and to show what wrong doing can do. We've provided the medical history in the time he was at the hospital. I just wanted ppl to know what happened. Alot of back dated entries. it was a mess. He was born October 12, 1998 and passes October 13, 1999. and he was so beautiful and i very much miss him :) There is a wonderful group that has helped me though my loss and i would suggest them to anyone. Feel free to thumb through their site :) http://www.compassionatefriends.org/ Thanks for reading my post :) •. ღ ☆Vännä†ä§†icä☆ ღ. • CT Wifey of ღ K¡ŋЮέÐ_§p¡®¡†™ღ

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hi, I just happened to see that you stated that you support or invited people who have suffered or struggled through a loss of a child.. I just wanted to say that I have suffered through the loss of a child.... my beautiful daughter who is now 3 years old was and is a twin.....unfortunately my other daughter had passed 24 minutes after birth, they were almost 3 months early. My daughter now who is as i stated 3, she was 2lbs 7oz and my other daughter who passed was 1lb 7oz. It was such a great day and terrible also, talk about a huge mix of emotions.... my ex and I knew early on in the pregnancy that we were going to lose a child. Due to improper development, my child that I lost had an (ancepholie) (thats probably not spelled right) basic terms the top of her head was not developed when she was born and it was exposed. The longest a child ever survived with one was 7 days... my ex and I made a hard choice to not do anything to help our child just to let her pass on her own and not try to save her and put her through much pain. so on the day of my daughters birth...the one with the problem was brought out first.. through a c-section of course and my surviving daughter was rushed to the RICN clinic.... within 5 minutes I was holding my daughter with a little hat, knowing that anytime she could pass... I have sooooo many pictures of her and I look at them everday.. my surviving daughter knows who her sister is she knows her by her pictures... anyway... my ex she dont remember anything unfortuntaley due to drugs and stuff she was on from spinal to what ever else the hospital gave her.... she just sees pictures of her and our daughter... the hardest part that i remember though, i remember it sooo clearly like it happened 1 minute ago... was while i was holding my daughter looking down at her and the nurse coming up to me and checking her heart..and shaking her head at me... my child died in my arms...so she at least died knowing that she was loved and adored...up to her very last moments...she is always in my thoughts everyday.. so fathers and mothers out there who need to talk or write....just to help cope and deal... they got a friend here thanks T T's page

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