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What is wrong with your DREAM?

Well lets see...

Does your dream involve other people to help you?

Does it require money and/or working for free?

Does your dream insist that others are as excited about it as you are?

Does your dream ignore reality in any way?


I had this hilarious discussion with my son

When he told me about a friend of his

A Dreamer

My son, of course, pointed out all of the obstacles 

To overcome...to make it a reality

His friend did not appreciate his input lolololol


Dreamers dream

Doers do

If you don't plan for road blocks

How can you possibly avoid them?

Patting you on the head does you no favors

It just moves your hair

A bit

I lost a daughter once

Could not cry for weeks

Then cried for years

In the middle of the night

Remembering the night I knew she was dying

And the Docs didn't believe me

I was angry about that fact

Until I realized

It would have made no difference if they had

She would die and I knew it

Nothing would change that


Your calamity is very different

No warning

Just shock

Not just HER gone

But a huge part of YOU as well

I can't explain it poetically

I can only be blunt of course

Your road is harder than mine was

So I can only empathize by extrapolation

And tell you that I am here

What is Spirit?

Well whatever you want it be apparently

I THINK that Spirit is magical thinking

And can never withstand debate

Because I am Thinker

And have PROVEN

That magical thinking CANNOT withstand debate

In Presup after Presup

I have given up basically

I no longer CARE what other people do

I used to care

Wanted to figure it out

Now I know that they are not worth my time

To assume that you will still exist

As some kind of perfectly replicated soul

That will live on in tact

After your brain stops working

Is arrogance

The height of ego

Ignoring id

Sheer Fear


As an Atheist, realist

I am often branded with that word


Notice I said the very specific word branded

It is something you do to show control and ownership

Not so much to control the being that you brand

But to show OTHER beings 

That you are willing to go to such lengths


I grew up with Cowboys

And they were all strangled with fear

Looking to the outside

To PROVE their control

Of the outside

They all called me arrogant

Because I would never submit

To being branded



I fight every day to stay here

On this planet

Where I can move matter

And create

Something that was not here before

What did you first think when you read this title?

Did you think of genetic family members

Or did you think of various definitions

Of Einstein's Theory of Relativity?

I will wager you thought of the former

That TELLS you how you see the world frankly

Clanish, political

If you are like me

And that title means the latter

You are brave

A scout, an explorer

With a need to learn

As opposed to a need for succcor & safety

I bear no false modesty

And don't demonize the one who builds fences

And feeds the pigs

They demonize me however

Hence my lack of respect

For them


I hate Humans but love Humanity


I see the wave

I hate the rip tide that almost ate me

But I love the Sea

Humanity is that surge

That seems overwhelming

But when you have survived that wave

You see the ocean as a given

Not a foe

But that rip tide

That small time

It tried to kill you

You watch for the traits

So that the next time you are in the Ocean

You recognize

And can at least warn

Let me be clear

The stakes here are very high

There are Humans that want the world to be destroyed

Why do they want that?

Because they believe it must happen

Or they will be wrong

Apparently being wrong is beyond intolerable

For them

I am happy to be an Alien on this planet

And just EXPERIENCE it

It is psychotic to deny an experience

That provably happens

It is psychotic to insist on something that

Will not happen

Even if they manage to explode a nuclear bomb

Humans will survive in some form

And the planet will continue to evolve

Forcing the ones who wanted this fucked up thing to happen

To live...as Humans....on this planet

They see that the ONLY way

Their Lord can rule on this planet

Is if MOST people here are killed purposely

Christians And Muslims

NEED that level of destruction

To PROVE that their god exists

Not only HAPPY to see that happen

TRYING to make that happen

Out of a selfish need

To be right

A shocking pathological NEED

Therefore I will be surprised if my

Grand Children do NOT face nuclear war

The eternal soul

The crass advantage taken

By religion

That EVERYONE has a hard time with the idea

That THEY will just be gone when their body dies

Like all of the other people

That they SAW life leave

Death was much more personal

They kept decomposing bodies in their houses

To make sure they were actually dead?

Better to see this liquifying flesh

Than to admit death


Brain injuries that were survived

PROVED that WHO we are, or were

Are in our brain

The electronic powerhouse

So incredibly complex

That it can actually CHANGE reality

The Human brain has changed the face & ecology of an entire planet in this solar system

Yet is called a soul

A person without their brain

Is not a person

A person without their heart

Can continue if they have access to their brain

Like Dick Cheney

The sad people mourning a body without a brain

Can ONLY see a soul then

Egotistical in it's selfish attachment

Personalities are memories basically

A bunch of perceptions of a Human Brain

That was buit to see certain kinds of light and shadow

And ignore the VAST light spectrum of the Universe

Eyes that THINK they see reality

And we have utterly PROVEN

That they don't

The need for a soul is ridiclous and cowardly

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