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Friends of mine


I love you but your disdain

Is daunting

Is whithering

"You carry your disdain so clearly"

I do...I do carry disdain 

On my shoulder apparently

Even my sleeve

Like a miltary patch

A badge of honor

I will never be haunted

By the past

Unless it is 


For what it was

Things that make you laugh

Just a thing

But you wonder

Why did that person

Make that thing

That makes you laugh

They were clearly

Taking it quite seriously

Which makes it even funnier

Cruel to laugh

So I am cruel

The place

Knowing that you said

What you meant



And fuck everyone who has not felt that

Because they are cowards

Swimming in my colllar

Tiny plastic fishes


In my clear vinyl jacket

The blood flows both ways

Tiny messengers

Just trying to do their job

Some cells are red

They carry energy

Some are white

They are the warriors

Protecting the red ones

The blue ones

Carrry waste to be disposed of

Iron red oxygen depleted



Who defends the blue?

No one does

They do just as much to

Recycle life 

But are shat upon

Quite literally

That blow

That you think

Is seminal

Takes an oblong angle

Or ricochets

Then you are back at


We all take language for granted

But we do NOT MEAN

The same words unless

We agree upon them

A CONTRACT...a meeting of minds

Define MEET and MIND

I find far too many people


To suit their purposes

Language is not PURPOSE

It is definition

By it's very defintion


The coinage that fantasy

Can give an orgasm

Why is that?

We all know that it works

But why?

I could go on forever

With ideas and theories as to why

But would that just be a waste of my time


Yet I still want to know


Those that WILL dive do so

Those that WON'T

Just won't

I can't coax them

That expansive breath you take

Just before


If you don't feel THAT

In your solar plexis

You won't dive

You will question


And walk back to the steps of the diving board

If you HAVE that expansion you will dive

We are all equal

In that we have the same power

To create or destroy matter

As a Human in this dimension

We have those two choices

Spirits by definition can't do shit

In this dimension physically

So why waste precious time

Listening to SPIRITS

They do not EXIST HERE

All you do by paying attention to "them"

Is masturbating

And in my opinion show



Who YOU are

That you need to bring some angel or devil in

To explain YOU


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