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Entry #1 Listening to others speaking about their problems : One , there are too many one -track minded people who seem to thing that it's ok to point fingers when they feel they need to boast or complain about shit. " Who gives a shit about what the person saying, lets just figure out what to do, and get rid of the situation . " Only problem with that is, that's what you think other people are thinking . The help becomes impatient, unreliable, and almost all the time it's agreed upon for personal benefit. The concept of help is an unconditional action with no expectations. You don't see that anymore without seeing the remnance of bad past experience . Which brings me to this- Why is it in modern times, let's say the past four Generations, it is more obvious to see the experience of someone's life when you see everyone else in the world around you and know that that person has gone through problems in life ? Is it that obvious that man-kind has endured that many hardships throughout hers or his life. Us humans have had plenty off time to accelerate in the physical being of our mental awareness. Did all of our prior explorations and discoveries and teachings just go away because they got tired or something , No , it's that one word that everybody has to have , a way to be CONTENT. And it has definately made man-kind extremely lazy physically and most predominately with mental awareness and learning . Let's say I go to the vet and adopt a pup for friendship methods . Alrighty then, so be it , but what if I shared it with that special someone and that person never showed any love or compassion towards the puppy. That puppy 's ability to learn something from that special someone become slowly and inevitably obsolete. In a sense , mankind has done that to the part of the brain that enables the pattern of HOW something is both "learned and used " Which to sum it all up in EASY TEMRS we've lived our lives and experiences with only One Way To Learn Something. Does that not suck to know , that every bit of matter stuck in our skulls is going to waste and has been for probrably about a couple houndred years now. INTERESTING DONT YOU THINK? Your Average Modern Day analyst guy, lol
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