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Shes an angel in disguise
With only tears in her eyes
This world she can not recognize
She says she can't take this
Can't face this
Love written on her wrist
But does love really exist?
Its like shes on a waiting list
Fraigle heart beats for the love she carries
But in the dirt is where its buries
Hoping that one day he'll be the one she marries
Lonelyness is what shes come to know
but she will never let go
He had her at hello
What she feels is only real
And will time really heal?
Love is her drug that she can not escape
Will this be her only fate?

She walks the streets with barefeet and broken glass, someone stole her shoes. Her past has becomes her present haunting. She is strong even when she feels so weak. Who is this girl she sees in the reflection of a thousand lies? Her heart beats fast, pounds hard of pure love that no one wants. Whats wrong here? What does she do wrong? All she wanted was someone to care for, to love with all her heart and more. She will walk on this broken glass till someone give her new shoes to keep her from feeling the pain she felt everyday. Her heart will be everlasting filled with pure love that someday someone will take and cherish. Till then, she will be strong.

On this warm October night
One woman hides behind her vulnerable angelic eyes
And her harsh moments of non-forgetful sorrow
One man ventures his heart of despair
And his uncertainty
There is fear of endless affliction in the air tonight
He is lost
She is lost
They are lost
But one day they will collide and their eyes will meet
A purifying healing of lost lonely souls
Hearts will mend together
And become one


I want someone to fall in love with the way I laugh and fall in love with my smile. I want someone who'll listen to the rambling of my inner child, someone who touches my face and brushes the hair from my eyes. I want someone who loves me, or at least holds me like they do. But I only want that if it's you.

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