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One of the roughest things at the moment for me is missing my girl and her two daughters Sophie, 4 and Gwen, 8...The last few days has been the hardest for me because due to the fact that work has been really hectic and such...One thing that hit me the hardest a week ago was when Gwen asked me if I had to go to work and I said yes I do baby I gotta go to work so she nodded her head at me and said I dont want you to go to work I said well do you want me to get fired? She nodded and said in a cute voice no I dont want you to get fired...Well, Im getting too burnt out with my job right now and my heart isnt at my job my heart is always at home with a great woman and two good little girls...It hurts me night by night and day by day I miss em all very much It kills me that I have to do what I gotta do ya know...Its just the times I have to go in kills me and my heart...It sickens me now that im stuck at a horrible place that dont give a flying fuck about family...The last kitchen meeting we had the assistant manager says in his own words "the kitchen comes first" so to me that means that family comes second?  I dont fucking think so my family comes first my work comes first also but at times my work doesnt always come first in my heart my family does...So what does that fucking tell you??? Are they fucking tellin me that my fucking family isnt important?? My family is really important to me...I love carrie alot with all of my heart and the girls too....Im just too fuckin sick all the time mentally and phyically that they are trying to make me into a workaholic robot...Im just sick of it...The time is now to just find some where right now that I can be happy at Job wise that is to where I can spend more time with my family than just go to work at nights and come home tired all the time not hardly seeing my family...It sad that I dont get to see them all the time

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