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Sharkfin's blog: "Chaos"

created on 10/03/2006  |  http://fubar.com/chaos/b9661
Good Morning, it is Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I thought I would wish those that celebrate it tomorrow a Happy Thanksgiving. Those who live in Canada, this is a Belated Happy Thanksgiving…Those that do not celebrate Thanksgiving…Happy Day and those who are not reading this…well…does not matter then does it… Onward to today’s goofiness awards. I have seen this T-Shirt on people before however one such wearer of this shirt perhaps wishes he didn’t have it on that day. The Shirt reads: “It’s Not Illegal unless you get caught” Well consider yourself caught Mr. Gregory Hines, Police in Covington, Ky., arrested Gregory, 19, in October at the USA Motel, a suspected drug market. Though several people were booked that night, Griggs was the one wearing the T-shirt that read, "Its Not Illegal Unless You Get Caught." Perhaps a shirt that read “FBI” or “Police Informant” may have been better… Talking about said police…It’s a Dirty job but someone has to do it. Never was more true then the next little ditty gone bad. Officer Keith Breiner, suspended from the police force in Beaumont, Texas, for crossing the line during an undercover prostitution sting (that is, he actually had sex), defended himself in an August hearing: "It was a job, sir. I didn't have pleasure doing it." It was, he said, "something I did for the city." Yeah right! I wonder now how many times he did the cities work… You would have to think sometimes the police take their positions to serious…I wonder what his position… OOOPS! Oh well every the best laid….holey smokes…lets just say goodbye. No easy way to get out of that last story. So my last day at work for four whole days…holey smokes happy day. So I wish everyone a fabulous Thanksgiving…again if I missed your official Thanksgiving day…give me this opportunity to apologize and give thanks to you for just being my friend. For a world without friendship is truly a dismal place. Happy Day, may today be fabulous to you and yours… A huge hug and pats across the miles we are separated. Marrtay
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