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On Ferlinghetti and the Television Poet "When the revolution comes," said the television poet. What revolution? What uprising can come that will bring a satisfying ends to the means, a lasting change, a state of affairs that can quench all thirst for change. What coup or revolt can bring a time when no man's words are "when the revolution comes." "Endless the splendid life of the world," said Ferlinghetti. Yes, endless the splendid fourteen-hour workdays, coming home to the smell of the litter box, and the parade of ants marching across the kitchen sink. Those splendid fights with the boyfriend and the stack of past-due bills and splendid the sucking pit of debt. Yes, that hard rain falls. Day in and day out I listen to endless complaints: bitching and whining, pissing and moaning. Endless the population waiting to put their two cents in. Endless the fatigue and weariness that shrouds us. Endless the truths that are voiced: life sucks, shit happens, it's a dog-eat-dog world. BLAH BLAH BLAH Life is only what you make it. The revolution will come: the revolution within. Change comes from individuals, from within the spark ignites. We all want that something more than; how many really attempt to attain it? Carpe diem; live each moment as if it will be your last; live proud and without regrets; and always live for "when the revolution comes" and for "endless the splendid life of the world." copyright 2006 Katherine Andrews
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