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Johnnydevil's blog: "Real Fu-Kin Life."

created on 02/18/2007  |  http://fubar.com/real-fu-kin-life/b56627  |  330 followers
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Dea del Sesso xX FMF... HeartbrokenWell Butter My Butt & Call Me A Biscuit!
JayCee FanMePlz Heartbrokenlike me so hard!
sANiTy nOt InCLudEd ... In love“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless - like water. N...
AL RL Husband to Tin... In love♥♥♥♥I Love My Wife♥♥♥♥
Mr Paul 4BDN Trying to workSometimes silence is the best answer
xX Krayzee Bri Xx Grrr!He says to be optimistic and so I shall. Better things t...
Kingvamp OnlineIf jen selter has the best butt on Instagram who has th...
Enchantress of Asgar... OnlineHoly hangover, batman!
e v i l HeartbrokenThinking of holding an adult Easter hunt... who wants to...
5th Wheel Evil"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, invo...
Wickie Otter ShyWould Love a new bling ;)
Pain Heartbroken✰ I Am ... Just Me ✰ Is That Enough? ✰
Undiscovered Soul Heartbrokendistance is just a test to see how far love can travel..
Southern Otter ExcitedI think its nice my vacuum cleaner has head lights….just...’
OUTLAW DSC FM2 Candi OnlineGone to the dark side to kick there ass and steal there ...
Murderface On FubarFuck Easter - Happy 420! ♥
5150Jane Evilhappy Friday!
AkAsHaScHiLd In loveLive in your past you shall have no future ~Gandhi Love...
RagdollFmTravler9 OnlineTo everyone in Fubar..Family Friends and even my Foes..I...
Insane RLM2 Tas Ninja♡ Tas Baby!!! XoXoX ♡
Jen Evil...
SKY OnlineWorking 17 straight,,,very busy ,,,xox family
pandora GoodCan't contain the smile today ♥ happy princess ♥
Comfortably Numb Passed outFor those of you that need clarification... Posting a li...
Mistress Panttherlad... Trying to workHope everyone had enjoyed their weekend. :)
CHELLEY Evilσh 'm sσrrч, 'm αll σut σf fucks tσdαч... trч вαck tσm...σσ
Candi FM2 Outlaw DSC Stepped awayPlease like Charlie's Angel and Graphix, links on my pag...
Gamer Princess FM2 S... NinjaGo Love my number 4 fam it's her Birthday!!! Love ya NYA...
Blondie NO Blank Req... SickTrying to play catch up, now, Still need LE bling for ac...
Ali the Restless HeartbrokenLooking to buy credits for fubucks... Anyone interested?...
jewels in love with ... In loveThree wonderful years with my man!! Thank you fubar!!!!...♥♥♥♥
TACO MAN NaughtyI dont have a bucket list but my f*cket list is a mile l...
Zombies Darth Diabeetus Stepped awayAnd they all died at the end
iC51NerdyBitchxOGAHO... Trying to workWanna own me Come bid on me ENDS TOMORROW! http://fubar....
ButtrflyGoddess Fubar Bouncer Onlinenew easter blings and 420 blings are out
CHRISTINA BummedGo like my #1!!! He needs 10k likes! RS running!
CJ Shy* like a ray of mutherfukin sunshine dammit
Kit In loveHope everyone has a great Easter
Heather Is Just Heather Foxy♥ hop hop hop wiggle ♥ xo
MAFleury29Fan BummedHugggssss 2 Y'all
Jesus only Stepped awayguess i'll fire up some autos, just in time for the bonu...
PoeticChaos THE Ganj... In love4/20 is my Bday...would love the 420 girl and 420 buddy ...
Ghostrider Goodmy fu friends are awesome
EviL Kitten RLGF2 Ma... OnlineReally could use a few mercs for mafia. You do not have ...
Sass EvilI want that 420 Girl...Make that shit happen! GO!
ThisInks4U FoxyI am ♡'d
AmethystWyne HeartbrokenI'm completely mobile atm, no net at all for anyone on m...
Slingerland GoodThe search for Flight 370 was declared "the most difficu...
PHIL Passed outStrangers: "Excuse me please." Family: "Hey move!" Best ...
Stupidity Should Be ... In loveOh. Hey. Y'all missed my birthday! It was Saturday. I'm ...
Crazygirl Stepped awayBusy day. Will be off celebrating for the most part. Wil...
Jesse Onlinefree continental breakfast is calling my name!!
C H E V Y fe 2Ti... Bummednight fubabes
Jenalicious In loveOut of here for the weekend. Have a happy and safe Easte...
Ayn Passed outsome of you i am actually quite fond of. some of you i ...
Lowcountry Chameleon Passed outNot as active here as I would like cause satellite inter...
Wildcat Angel NinjaGRAPHIX DOCTOR ♥ is going for a gazillion LIKES!!! Link ...♥
ShybutSweet Stepped awayMake today AMAZING...♥
WhiskeyGiant OnlineGrrrrr arrrgh
Earthangel FM to Jim NinjaDon't forget fellas, I'm up for auction again. The aucti...
VixMarie OnlineRelaxing night...Just me, the computer and Netflix. :)
SOUTHERN GIRL MFKN O... In loveMy hubby is needing family adds please help him get his ...♥
nursenicenes OnlineHappy Good Friday!!!
SpankChanceOfALifetime OnlineKeep spanking Baby Gurl, and the rest of my fabulous fam...☆
A Blonde with Booty ... OnlineIts my birthday monday, take me to the limit, oops i mea...

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