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Arkham's blog: "odd"

created on 03/27/2008  |  http://fubar.com/odd/b201832

The oddest things happen at the strangest of times.


Was walking home from the shop with the ex and the kids when we saw a guy having a go at a young woman, they where fighting about something then he grabbed her and bit her hand, so ex-hubby lets go of the kids i grab them and he goes to see if he can help, well the guy starts shouting at him then by this point i've seen enough and call 999 on my cell phone.  I give all the details i can to the police and take the kids home. About 15 mins later my friend Cath calls me and says "nice to talk to you on the 999 call"


I can't believe i didn't recognise her voice on the phone but guess instinct takes over and you just try to give all the info you can at the time.

Zombreeze!: Leeds International Film Festival To mark the beginning of this year's Leeds Young People's Film Festival, festival organizers are trying to set a record for the most zombies gathered at a single event. From their FAQ: What is a zombie? A zombie is a dead person that is brought back to life through a curse or a mutation. They are a bit silly and have little reasoning power, though many can perform "remembered behaviours" from their mortal existence, like the ability to walk. Zombies are talked about in ancient folklore but more recently, zombie films have exposed new theories according to which man-made viruses or genetic experiments are held responsible for the creation of zombies. What is a zombie gathering? A zombie gathering is simply a collection of Zombies. In order to beat the Guinness World Record TM, we have to beat the existing record of 1100 zombies who must all be in one place for at least 15 minutes. Some adjudicators will be there on the day to make sure we're doing things right, so you will need to sign a register to say you where there. Do I have to come along already made up as a zombie? Yes, otherwise we won't be able to get you all through to the 'gathering' in time! You don't need to do much to look like a zombie and it doesn't have to cost loads either. How can I make myself look like a zombie? To 'qualify' as a zombie, you need to be wearing zombie make-up. You can also dress up too but you don't have to. If you are going to wear make up that you haven't worn before, make sure you do an allergy test and if you are going to be cutting up clothing etc, make sure you have an adult to help you. How can I help out with the Zombie gathering? Tell your friends and family and get as many people as you can to come down to Millennium Square for 1pm on Thursday 27 March taken from this- http://www.zombiethreatlevel.com/2008/03/zombies-invade-leeds-uk.html and this is from a local paper CREEPS and freaks invaded Leeds city centre in a bid to create the biggest zombie gathering ever. Millennium Square was teeming with tots, teens and families who donned fake blood and guts. After just one hour, organisers estimated that 500 had filtered into the square – where a dance routine to Michael Jackson's hit Thriller was staged. Spooky make-up was on hand for passers-by who wanted to take part. It would take 1,200 zombies to smash the Guinness World Record but it could be some time before official results are made public. The event was staged to launch the Leeds Young People's film Festival. The theme was inspired by Zombies in Love – a film made at Kirkstall Abbey featuring hundreds of Leeds youngsters. Andrew Marshall, 37, of Yeadon, brought his nine-year-old son Nathan. "We have never done anything like this before. I used to be a Goth in the old days so I've had plenty of practice. I think it's fantastic for Leeds. I've never seen anything like it, it's new and I am glad they have held it here." David Fox, 17, had gone along with Emma O'Connor, 18, both of Gipton. Emma said: "It's amazing. Everyone's really done their bit and the little kids look so cute! I wish they would do more stuff like this." Gemma McWilliams, of Roundhay, took to the square with her sister and children. "I have never known anything like it before. We have nine kids between us and they absolutely love it!" Organiser Adam Graham said: "We won't know whether we broke the record for quite a while but it's just great to see so many people make so much effort and have fun." The festival runs until April 4. For tickets log on to www.leedsyoungfilm.com or ring 0113 224 3801. my brother got second prize for the adults and my nephew got second prize for the kids Photobucket my brother is the on in the middle!

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