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This is just to clarify a few things have been ask lately . So here is your answer guys no i 'm not going to show my tits to you just because you ask NO if i want you to see i'll let ya know . Will i add you to my family just because someone is paying a bling for every 5 women you get to add you to there family NO i only add people to my family when i want to! I go out of my was sometimes to help people out but i'm not taking up my family with wasted space that space is reserved for people i want there hense the phrase family! And for those who seam to thank this is a real bar NO it's not if it were those of you who have shouted when you going to show me your tits and those of you who have said can i see your tits and p***y whould have been told to F**k off and die or go to hell by now ! Yes I know I sound like a bitch! I love all my friends and family and will always help anyone who needs it . So morel of the story is treat people the way you want to be treated . This does not apply to those who i joke with I do have a few people i play with on here.

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