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I've waited to see what would happen after giving over 5 million fubux in 2 weeks of my own before I wrote about how I feel. The ones with Auto 11's.I have waited for the love back. You know who you are, yet do you come back and return it??? NO! You asked me to help and did I?? Yes!! Because thats how I am! I am a good person and I return the love. Or give it! To those who I have donated to!Over 5 million I might say again! Shame on you for not thanking me, blinging me or even showing me any kind of love. I reposted your bullies. I've blinged you when I only had a few, Iv'e pimped your asses when I had more deserving that needed it. The birthday spotlight ones, the I made it to godfather and its my birthday, I would love the spot light, the I am military and deserve it ones. The ones who drop your please repost and if you can leave me love ones in my shout box. I have given you tons of love. Yet I sit here wondering why none of you have come and returned the love? I ask for help one time and I get shunned? Why is that? Why aren't my bullys resposted, sticked or made a fuss over? Why am I not part of the "it" crowd? DO I have to show my ass, my tits or my jj to get your attention?? This really is a place of popularity, that I get. The part I don't get is why when you want something you dont give back? I see bullys pimping people that NEVER return. Why? Ok now that I have vented, lets see how many of you I have mentioned come by and re rate, bling or even comment me. Sure I am venting, but you know I'm really sick of the bull shit! Show me you care!
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