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30 Year Old · Joined on August 24, 2006 · Born on April 7th · 91 referrals joined!
30 Year Old · Joined on August 24, 2006 · Born on April 7th · 91 referrals joined!

-Read Between Lines-My name is Nicole, my last name kicks ass. So remember it.I'm 18 years old.. so I can go to jail but I can't drink. Assholes.I'm one quarter Japanese, French, Italian & Spanish.. MUTT MIX!I believe in survival of the fittest. I'm drastically bi-cultural and widely culture captivated. Social butterfly and party animal, but without ever losing composure. I'm a classy girl residing in a rather chaotic world. I can be a little vain, and appear cosmetic at times... Mostly to piss people off. I enjoy being around people that can hold conversations and my attention. I live to debate and get my way with things. I'm optimistic, I like to think there are more good sides to me, than bad.But then again, I'm realistic. I'm really honest, even if it hurts. And blunt in most situations. I stand for what I believe in. It's hard to get on my bad side.. I'm approachable (despite popular belief). I can be quite sarcastic, with people I know won't be able to tell the difference.I like to think of myself as a visionary. with a realistic twist. I'm very ambitious and determined {we only live ONCE}. I can be aggressive, but basically I'm just independent. I take care of myself. I am a self-proclaimed germ-a-phobe. I over-analyze everything. I love bright COLORS, but I long for a black and white universeI'm loyal to my friends. I hate being patronized. I can take compliments, but I know how to tell the difference. I live for real-life movie moments.I believe in repression, projection, denial, displacement and asociation... I love observing others. I've been modeling since I was 13.I'm a survivor, I try my best to give back to the world the strength it's given me.I'm a psychology major, and the study of human behavior is my biggest passion. All my best friends are guys.I adore graphic design and photography. BIG passion for the arts, especially music and literature. I always ask to see the contract first. I learn from all or most of my mistakes. I hate people that lament over everything. Life is what you want it to be.I'm damn lucky to still be alive. I'm a reckless thrill seeker, in a world with rational risk takers. I enjoy the superficial things in life. Anyone who can't admit to that, is lying.Love going to premieres, getting attention, making entrances, etc. I'm partial to fancy lifestyles. I love french cuisine.I listen to hard metal when I'm happy. I hang out at museums.I love reading, being with my friends, making music...writting, traveling, experimenting & living.Get Your Own Voice PlayerManage

30 Year Old · Joined on August 24, 2006 · Born on April 7th · 91 referrals joined!
Silverchair, Led Zeppelin, Incubus NIN, Marilyn Manson, Mudvayne, Tool, APC, Deftones, Al Green, Fiona Apple, Frank Sinatra, Bjork, Tori Amos, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Doors, Incubus, Muse, Christina Aguilera, Jason Mraz, Pig Destroyer, Michael Buble, Metallica, Etta James, Panthera, Sublime, Hendrix, Bob Marley, The Killers, Radiohead, The Used, Nirvana, etc...

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