NICOLE HAS DIED 4/12/08 @8:30AM Blog by Nobody takes my baby away
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SHE's ALIVE!!! PRAISE GOD they brought her back..she had no heartbeat..but her mum played my cell meesage to her and she came back slowly. Spread the word... She's ALIVE!!! she had an asthma attack and stopped breathing they rushed her to Hospital.. she had no brain activity for along period.. her pulse slowly came back.. if you don't believe in God now, please start! He SAVED her with prayers. Please continue to pray for her she will need it.. And please never again guys, ok? You know what i mean.
WHOEVER READS THIS...PLEASE SIT NOW AND PRAY FOR NICOLE's poor Soul... (this is Dominique writing) she never had anyone treat her well except me and her mum and her family. Please Pray for Her Soul. I was the only man truly loved her for herself and didnt try to hurt her , scream at her, yell at her... There are several of you men that are on her page that now should feel sorry for what you have done, how you spoke to her, the meanness you did. I won't mention names but several Men. Many of you others preyed on her to only see her pictures. You should be ashamed. I hope now, I pray now that you understand and that this will change your life.. Sit and think about all of the good things she tried to do. She was talented just so that many of you will know. She played many instruments, sang to me over the internet and phone recently, and we shared many good times recently. She truly cared only for me just so you all will now know if it wasn't apparent to you before. I feel my purpose now was that I was sent to her by god to watch over her in her since Sept. 2007 and to get her away from Rob and help her to find peace which she only had recently found. Shame on the few of you men for saying "i" was telling her what to do, as she had ASKED ME to take over her page at times because of so many of you being overwhelming for her pictures and trying for her affections. You "know" who you are....and I hope and pray this will have a permanent affect on how you treat other women and how you now will cherish life that is so precious. I pray you will now be more kind in any friendships you have. Her last picture posted is her face lying in a restful position. She has chosen it to be her default picture. I do hope and ray that this will change your life knowing. I alsopray that you her memory will live on ...cherish the moments she shared with each of you. She only meant well.
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