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created on 02/09/2007  |
Ok.. head line says it all, this is the head line news for Monday, President's Day, Feb. 19, 2007. There is really something wrong with our media if they feel this is the least bit news worthy, and it definately does not make rank up in head line status. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... there is enough ignorance in the USA without adding to it.
Ok.. I can not resist.. just two days after her death.. the Judge orders her DNA preserved so that they might beable to figure out who is the father of her baby girl. Now if that isn't a DNA lottery ticket for someone. Most of these men do not want the baby.. they want the millions connected with lil Dany. Hell.. maybe I am the dad.. may as well throw my DNA in the hat. What the hell.
Ok.. I have to jump on a soap box here for a moment, please induldge me. I am bothered by the fact that 3 marines were killed in Iraq and the leading headlines today (2-9-97) are about the former play boy bunny, Anna Nichole Smith, dropping dead in a NY hotel. There are so many people, our people, their people, innocents, guilty, good and bad dying and they don't even get a blurb on the news, but this bimbo, gold digger dominates the headlines. We wonder what is messed up in America? I think this could be one symptom. That is my thought for today.
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