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Diamond Princess's blog: "newbie!!"

created on 05/03/2008  |  http://fubar.com/newbie/b212601

So for those who dont know, I got married in Nov 2012 and am now living in pretty Fort Smith, AR! So far loving my life:)

I have decided that some rules are in order for all of you to abide by...Please understand I will BLOCK you of you can't follow them.


1) Please respect that when my kids are home and I am online DON'T tell me to flash you...I won't do that in front of them.

2) Don't BEG to see my tits ass or vajayjay trust me I think seeing a grown ass man BEGGING for that is downright PATHETIC!

3) Don't ask for my number!!! There are only a select few I have given it to and will NOT be giving it out again.

4) RESPECT MY BODY!!! If you don't like what you see MOVE ON! 

4) I am in a committed relationship, I am here for friends please don't ask me to dump him for you...it's pathetic.

5) Don't EVER call me a bitch, slut, cunt etc that will AUTOMATICALLY get you blocked!

Well if you can abide by these rules we can have a fun chat...if not it's been nice knowin ya. :)

so this website pretty much rocks
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