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So I've had this idea kicking around in my head for awhile now to start a new Youtube channel. I already have one but the videos in it are well.....well they're pretty retarded :) This channel will focus just on my artwork and the process of how it is created. So I'm thinking maybe start it off with an intro to what I'll be sketching any specific kinds of methods I'll be using, what medium, etc. Then comes the heart of the vid, the process. The camera will only be focussed on my hand and the drawing , and the footage will be sped up so it won't put you to sleep. I'll also have music playing in the background with the song selection having something to do with the theme of what I'm drawing. Was thinking about giving it a conclusion, more of me discussing the finished piece but that might be over doing it a bit. I think the intro and process are sufficient enough to work on it's own. So the name of the channel? Well it's a really cheesy name that's been sticking in my head for awhile, but it is a name that could grab interest. Plus I think it works great on the title of the vid. So I want to call the channel, Thatboycansketch. So in the title it will say That boy can sketch : a dog. That boy can sketch : George Bush giving Dick Cheney a lapdance. Get the idea now? To give you a sample of what this may look like: I need opinions! Like the name? Hate the name? Do you think anyone would find this interesting or entertaining? Would you subscribe to it? Let me know in comments please!

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