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Fyre Science Gyrl's blog: "General"

created on 12/02/2006  |  http://fubar.com/general/b30591
The parish is going to be installing traffic camera's to catch red-light runners. The cameras snap a picture of you running the red light and you get the picture with a fine slip mailed to you and you can either pay then or take it to court to contest it, at which time the fine/court costs go up. This is going to start in September. The cameras on the East Bank will be at the following intersections: Vets and Causeway Clearview and West Metairie Vets and Clearview Esplanade and Ridgelake Vets and Carrollton Causeway and 17th Vets and Bissonet Vets and Transcontinental ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The intersections on the WEST BANK are: Terry Pkwy and Stumpf Lapalco Blvd. and Wall Blvd. Manhattan Blvd. and Gretna Blvd. Drivers beware! Big Brother really IS watching you!
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